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  1. Boyds gunstocks.

    I ordered one direct from Boyds and fitted it to my rifle earlier this year. Love it and it was £291 all in, including postage, tax, vat, etc. That included the optional checkering and pillar bedding. It needed a little fettling with a dremmel to remove some burs, but that was easy enough and...
  2. Decathlon - Huge disappointment.

    I was browsing the decathlon website last night for some gloves and noticed that the “shooting and hunting” section was there one minute, but not the next. I assumed it was a loading error or something but it’s still not there! Very disappointed!
  3. .270 bullet weight

    Mine likes 140grn winchester silver tip. Never found a 130grn or 150grn round that would group as well
  4. What rifle sling with roe sack?

    As well as my thermal, sticks and using binos 🤔
  5. What rifle sling with roe sack?

    It’s the Ogden’s sika sack that I have and the clip doesnt do the whole job for me. It stops the rifle slipping backwards but not off the side of my shoulder.
  6. What rifle sling with roe sack?

    Don’t you get tangled with all the straps flying around?
  7. What rifle sling with roe sack?

    I went the opposite and went wide with the quake claw, which is ok but still slips. Might try narrower then 👍
  8. What rifle sling with roe sack?

    I can’t sew a button onto a shirt!
  9. What rifle sling with roe sack?

    What rifle sling are you guys using with a roe sack and bino harness? I struggle to keep mine on my shoulder with a standard style Nigelloh and quake claw - the bag stops me getting it far enough on my shoulder to stay put. Do z-aim or roetex work with them? Thanks Steve
  10. Sold: Haix boots

    Bump and only price drop before they go back on the bay. £40 posted.
  11. Sold: Haix boots

    Haix High liability waterproof boots. Size 10W. Grade 1 military surplus, bought on eBay and worn by me once. Spare set of laces (used) included. £50 posted. No offers. Thanks Steve
  12. Best Moderator for 270win

    Have a wildcat evo on mine. Light, quiet and cheap
  13. Importing Boyd’s gun stock

    ^^^^what he said^^^^
  14. walking boots

    Decathlon is worth a look. Bought some of these recently and they are decent for the money.
BRACES of Bristol - Dark Fox Package, Mauser M12, LIEMKE Thermal Scope, Wildcat Mod