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  1. For Sale: Working Cocker Spaniel pups

    Let me know if this is still available
  2. Sold: 10 gun cabinet

    Who got this?
  3. Wanted: Dummy Launcher

    Afternoon, If stugun is sorted i would be intrested in this item, thanks. Regards
  4. Sold: Binoculars and Scope at good prices

    Second dibs on the Binos please.
  5. For Sale: Vortex Diamond Back Tactical

    Evening, Is still for sale and if so where in Hampshire are you? Regards
  6. Wanted: Dummy Launcher

    Morning, I am looking for a dummy launcher, anyone have one they want to part with? Regards
  7. Sold: PARD NV008

    Now sorted, thanks.
  8. Sold: PARD NV008

    Received, thanks.
  9. Sold: PARD NV008

    Good evening, As per the title, does anyone have one for sale. Let me know what you have and what price you want, thanks. Regards
  10. Free: Free .22lr for a youngster

    Mouse, Well done you...Ignore the negativity of (some) people from this site. Sexist, ignorant and out of date!!!! I over the years have done the same. Been ripped off along the way but I will continue to help. I also have a .22 set up i would be willing to gift to any new member. Albeit...
  11. Sold: Nutool 900w router

    Ah, I see. Nothing serious then. Thanks for reply.
  12. Sold: Nutool 900w router

    Evening, What does this mean? the rubberised motor housing has gone sticky Regards
  13. Wanted: N8 vision

PSE Composites Limited