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  1. Dominic Cummings clash fan or not ??

    The Scottish Tories are revolting!! Douglas Ross resigns as junior minister and Jackson Carcrash questions Bojo the clown's judgment ( again!!). Remember it was the Scottish Tories who organised 'Operation Arse' to try to stop Bojo the clown getting the Conservative party leadership in the...
  2. Backed up against a tree.

    I saw one of these big lizards foul hooked during a fishing competition in Taiping in Malaysia. What a fight it put up! The lad who hooked it was playing it for a good twenty minutes before it broke free close to the bank. Quite a crowd had gathered and a huge groan went up when it escaped but...
  3. Swallow, Swift and Martin watch!

    Heard my first corncrake of the year on Thursday.

    BLUED,TO FIT SHORT ACTION SAKO 75/85 ( 222,223,243 308,ETC) £30 POSTED
  5. For Sale: Scope rings

    I would like a pair of optilock 30mm extra low please. PM sent.
  6. V E Day.....

    As long as Scotland stands!

    Aye they are. You have a PM
  8. Brass cleaning ... what am I doing wrong

    I have never tumbled or cleaned brass in any way apart from a rub with oooo wire wool around the neck and shoulder of the case. Just make sure that your cases don't have any dirt or grit on them before you resize and you'll be fine.
  9. Swallow, Swift and Martin watch!

    First swallow today, heard it before I looked up as it flew overhead.
  10. Swallow, Swift and Martin watch!

    I haven't seen any swallows yet but did hear my first cuckoo of the year today, a good bit earlier than usual. I also saw the first bonxie of the year flying by.

    Sako optilock short action bases,blued £35 posted
  12. Sold: .308 Bullets

    may I have the Fox bullets please.
  13. .270 or .308

    A proper 7mm, 130grain bullet doing over 3000 FPS. It's not the king of the Highlands for nothing. There can be only one! 270 all the way
  14. Brass Storage

    I use the plastic food storage containers you can buy in the supermarkets with the air tight clip on lids. I put a note in with the brass to say how many times fired it is. They come in various sizes.
  15. Sako 75/85

    If the action has IV on it it's a 75 if M it's an 85.