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  1. Sold: Optilock ring mounts 30mm

    PM sent
  2. swallows

    I saw a couple of swallows swooping around some trees in Stornoway yesterday morning,hope they've not left it too late. Today a big flock of fieldfares were feeding in some rowan trees.
  3. For Sale: SAKO 85

    Thanks for all the interest and comments guys. Think I might keep this a while longer and use it on a muntjac trip I've got planned.
  4. Sold: Sako 85M wooden hunter stock

    yes please. You have Pm
  5. Firearms and ferry crew

    This in spades Mossypaw :) Twice,as a foot passenger, I've left a shotgun with the purser in his office with no dramas.
  6. For Sale: SAKO 85

  7. Ball pointed knife

    Tripe knife
  8. The Roaring Begins

    Yesterday was the first time I heard a stag Mossy but a fellow I was talking to last weekend told me he had heard one in Uig last week. I think some of the older boys like to have a wee practice before they get serious :D
  9. The Roaring Begins

    I heard my first stag roaring today. I didn't see him but he roared twice from a plantation.
  10. Best trail cam pictures - all here

    My camera was a £40 apeman off of Amazon. I can see that the image quality isn't as good as some of the cameras on this thread and if I was to buy again I would probably go for one that gave me 16 megapixels or more. Thought you might like to see more ravens :)
  11. For Sale: SAKO 85

    Less than 400 rounds. I don't know the exact number but the barrel is in fantastic nick and I don't think anyone buying this rifle would be disappointed either with its accuracy or its condition. It's a lovely,light,soft recoiling rifle in a chambering perfect for all UK deer.
  12. Best trail cam pictures - all here

    Whenever I shoot a deer I usually put the ribcage,bones and scraps out for the birds. I thought I would set up my trail camera to catch the action but unfortunately as you can see I set it up too low and there must have been a shower of rain in the morning because a lot of the images were...
  13. For Sale: SAKO 85

    shot this group the other day out on the moor off the bipod at just over a hundred metres into a stiff breeze Please excuse 308 holes at 9 o'clock :)
  14. Sold: SAKO 75 IV MAG