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  • Hi.
    Think we must be in neighbouring fox holes chasing similar foe.
    A few questions about the RPA,
    Is it a short 16" woodland stalker or 24" general purpose hunter?
    Approx round count?
    2 weaver bases on top?


    Hi Steve if the fridge is still for sale i could be interested, please let me know, very hot at the moment, my wildlife camera recorded a temperature of 41degc sunday at 2.30pm,
    Regards Geoff
    Hi Steve,

    can do early August, give me a call nearer the time and we will work out when they are in the rut.


    Hello, could be interested in the rcbs loadind dies, I have a lee loading press they should fit it? any help would help as don't want to buy them and they don't fit etc, what does the die set comprise of, many thanks, phil.
    Hi Steve it seems that we are quiet close to each other i live in fairlight, i am in france at the moment and will be back in the uk in october
    maybe we could meet up for a beer some time.
    regards geoff
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