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  1. Sold: Genuine Blaser Mounts with 30mm Rings

    Genuine Blaser Mounts with 30mm Rings. £260 posted.
  2. Sold: Warner Scope Mounts Brand New

    Bump to £40 posted...
  3. Sold: Warner Scope Mounts Brand New

    30 MM. Scope mounts brand new in bags... They do exactly what's written on the bag.... £45 posted
  4. Sold: Zeiss Conquest 3-12 x 56 MC Rifle Scope

    A US assembled Zeiss riflescope in great condition. Small marks on tube where rings were but optics 100%... Great working scope... £375 posted 30mm tube number 4 reticle....
  5. Sold: Blaser R93 barrel 22.250

    Low shot count Blaser barrel in 22.250 with factory thread. £375 posted
  6. Harkila Digi Cammo

    Thank you... Yes I've used Digi Cam in the military and its pretty special... I wore the new MTP scruff to Scotland on the Hinds last season and the Stalkers and Gilles said I was invisible after about 200 m....
  7. Goats

    Wow!! Sounds facinsting!!! What are your rates? Id love to come and meet with you... Recently retired from the Army
  8. Driven Wild Boar bullet choice/recommendations

    I've shot quite a few Wild Boar in Germany when posted there with the Army. A few friends of mine used 150gr .308 and quite a few experienced "runners"... I used 180gr and all went down first shot....
  9. Bullet Placement on Wild Boar

    When posted to Germany I shot quite a few pigs both static and running... All in the shoulder, all with a 180 gr . 308 and all went down.... And didn't get up...
  10. Wanted: Cull animals

    Hi there, what sort of prices do you charge for non trophy stalking.... I just love stalking the 'rubish' and making friends and contacts... Not interested in trophy animals or deer in their prime... Cheers H
  11. Wildlife seen whilst out Deer Stalking

    Fantastic pics and a great idea... I need to get a decent digital camera... You get to see so much wildlife when out stalking... Green woodpecker this morning... Beautiful
  12. Unusual finds whilst stalking

    A stuffed ferret... Someone had tied it to a tree branch....for what reason, I know not!!
  13. Wanted: Blaser Mounts

    Really useful thank you.....
  14. Trail Cams back in Aldi

    Fantastic bargain... I shall be visiting Cardiff's Aldi tomorrow....
  15. Annoy the French joke

    Why do the French plant trees either side of their roads? Because the German Army like to march in the shade......