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  1. Best value for money rangefinder

    Budget? Swarovski do a very nice 7x30 RF good for 1000m or there abouts. They also do a very nice set of Binos with a built in RF, I've had mine read just over 1300m.... Bushnell do a RF for about £120 I believe.....
  2. Caithness / Sutherland stag week with glen cadwallader

    Andy, well done! I was getting daily accounts of how it was going. It was good to spend the day out with you, that Stag was very lucky! I was hoping you may have caught up with him through the week. I'm sure he was the one I spotted a week earlier. Persistance and ability paid off! Staying...
  3. Minimum Calibre for Night Shooting Scotland?

    It is .270Win, it would be detailed in the licence.
  4. Sako 85 what scope mounts

    What calibre/action? I have Optilock stainless short action bases sat here doing nothing. ​TJ
  5. The end of the world!!!

    Quality, problem with doing that in our country though, LG would get a court order for compensation causing undue stress! I've been to a few areas in the UK where such an even would benifit the majority though! ​TJ
  6. Shooting deer at night

    I was going to comment, but deleted....... ​
  7. Shooting deer at night

    We had numbers and sexes of each species to achieve. So, to your answer. Yes. Thats where your equipment comes into it. A £30 lamp will show eyes (if your lucky) a £300+ lamp lets you identify sex and species out to 300m with relative ease, providing you are looking through quality...
  8. Shooting deer at night

    Where there is a necessity, yes! Without doubt! We had a large cull last year to achieve, again, this year. With out the lamping ticket, we would have had maybe half the figures. What I will say though, it's not easy, locating deer is the easy part, you need to know the ground intimately...
  9. L200 mpg

    59 Animal, 27-32MPG daily use, long run, Inverness to Stirling, 60-70MPH, 35MPG, thats with BFG All Terrains fitted. Those figures are from the display
  10. Through the shoulders?

    Red, Sika and Roe, they all go to the dealer. Fortunately, dealers up here are not anal and will not deduct for shoulder shot carcasses. Only saddle shot deductions.
  11. Through the shoulders?

    Every shot has its place. Having been to and still have access to forest that you are unable to see 1m into due to the dense plantations, a heart/lung shot is not as effective, albeit it will kill the deer, but you WILL not recover it even if it runs only 10m into the forest. If woodland...
  12. Faulty lamping kit

    Rewire the complete unit! My light wiring had that much resistance it was burning/melting the cigar lighter connection. I know you are a direct wire to the battery, but I'd still rewire the complete unit, easiest thing to eliminate. As you have direct wired it to the battery, I'd be putting an...
  13. Swarovski Scope’s losing zero has this ever happened to you?

    Did he check the mounts were tight? Are you still using a Mod? If you are, surely it can't be the problem... You'll be using good quality mounts then?
  14. Most Uk deer species shot in one day

    Regularly take Red, Roe and Sika on a outing. TJ
  15. Name for pup?