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    • TH4 replied to the thread Muntjac head worth measuring?.
      Have had lots of mounted muntjac scored
    • TH4 reacted to nick.308's post in the thread Slugs? with Like Like.
      To the OP. My opinion for what it is worth is that you have a perfectly valid question provided you are confident the deer are causing...
    • TH4 replied to the thread Slugs?.
      Tell that to the thousands of shooters in other countries that shoot deer solely with slugs.
    • The one under the bonnet by the battery has most of the lighting circuit fuses in it.
    • TH4 replied to the thread F&D Moderators - bits.
      You stingy old bugger Eddie, buy another one. Hope you are keeping well.
    • TH4 reacted to Primate's post in the thread Custom and Semi custom rifle photos/porn with Like Like.
      All very nice, yet not many pictures of the most important bit and by that I mean the bits of paper with the (hopefully) tiny little...
    • TH4 replied to the thread The mates half handy sized Muntjac.
      Looks like a muntiacus vuquangensis Also known as the large antlered muntjac
    • TH4 reacted to 308tikka's post in the thread Local gun shops with Like Like.
      I wasnt criticising. Its up to them if they cant provide good service. Support those who do.
    • TH4 replied to the thread Local gun shops.
      That is what I was saying if you read my post. I am happy to pay extra to buy locally as long as they actually want the custom
    • TH4 replied to the thread Local gun shops.
      Unfortunately you used to see the owners every time you went in there which is why the service was so good but now you never see them.
    • TH4 posted the thread Local gun shops in Off Topic.
      Like most people on here I try and buy as much as possible from my local gun shop. But the trouble is that the service at a lot of them...
    • Maybe that's why they call it hunting and not killing. It doesn't allways go to plan.
    • TH4 replied to the thread Nottingham gun grab.
      This happened in August last year. So not exactly hot off the press
    • TH4 reacted to Len the dog's post in the thread Badgers doing good 👍🏻 with Like Like.
      Besides, they are not an ethnic group, they just use that misnomer to hide behind so that they can benefit from the liberal system that...
    • TH4 replied to the thread Badgers doing good 👍🏻.
      They are not an ethnic minority, they are a bunch of feckless wasters that want to steal from and scam the decent working people and...
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