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  • Glad to hear the shingles are under control:) not really sure about the .375 issue with nout knowing the history and load data but I would go back to a load you where hiting with just try to elimanate known factors:idea:
    Its good to get a good load sorted out> I finnally got my new stock for the remmy, looks furkin cool I`ll send you a text pick Z6 1.7-10x42 jewel trigger macmillan hunter stock:cool:
    got a slight problem with the action screws being to short now so I`m going to post a question on here and see if I can sort it out
    Not really mate, back at the clam's now maybe got a wee job at the end of the month but it's still just hearsay. Just getting over a case of shingles wasn't the most pleasant experience but the anti viral's gave me some cool colour's:D. One interesting thing though I was doing some load developement for the .375 and about halfway through the session I stopped hitting the target (A4 paper+wooden board a bit bigger) hoping it's just me and not a sudden loss of zero on the scope! but I did finally sort my .270 handloads I was going to attach a pic for you but can't figure out how to. Hope your doing well.

    This is what happens when they give anyone boat tickets:rolleyes:
    How long do you expect to be in Peterhead ?
    Part of the frame got smashed off and the hydraulics that operate the bucket have been stressed with folk slamming her from ahead to astern at the top end. Shame bout the kid's hope they get well soon.

    Hi Alec,

    We're heading to Peterhead need to fix the 9m and the ship's FRC but the weather looks like it will be rubbish for the rest of the week go figure. Still waiting out on news of my cannon but I've started buying more reloading gear and eyeing up gregor's stocklist's for next week when I get ashore for the .270££££££. I think that Rbg might be looking for more folk for the Ntvl job and there might be a couple of lads looking to thin out early on this one .


    Hi Ghillie, I must know you then, I was at Thurso college 88-90, and shot deer with RDC in Shin From 92 onwards


    Stewart Blair
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