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  1. Introduction- BMH Owner

    hello and welcome im interested in having a bmh but need to do a bit more research yet ie kids other dogs indoors, outdoors living mine live indoor temperament im hoping there is a few here with the right advice
  2. Wanted: Small redding decaping die

    Wanted redding small decamping die redding die only thanks
  3. For Sale: AMP Annealing Service

    How often do you have to anneal on 223 brass is it every time it’s fired Thanks
  4. Wanted: l e Wilson case trimmer

    Le wilson case trimmer
  5. Wanted: Wanted stock

    Wanted stock a McMillan htg adjustable for a Howa 1500
  6. Wanted: Rem 700 chassis

    I have a KRG whiskey 3 gen 6 black folding Like new sold the rifle these are £1350 at March scopes £800 posted thanks
  7. Sold: Sako .223

    What is the twist rate please
  8. Wanted: Any 204s or 20 prac? for sale??

    I have a 204 tikka if your interested Tamworth Midlands
  9. Wanted: Mike Robbinson knife

    I do have one pm sent
  10. For Sale: Torch.

    Does that include any batteries and any chargers Thanks
  11. Sold: TIKKA .223

    Pm sent Regards
  12. Sold: 129 nosler accubond

  13. Sold: 129 nosler accubond

    Done thanks for noticing atb
  14. Sold: 129 nosler accubond

    129 nosler accubond long range 6.5 m 2 boxs 129 gr accubond long range £55 posted each or £100 for the two posted gift paypal or bank transfer thanks
  15. Sold: 6.5mm Nosler Accubond LR 129gr

    I'll take some to try pm sent
Leica Amplus 6