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  • Hi there.

    Well.... the Tikka 595 is in a McM Sako Varmint style stock, ( they don't at present do a Sako75 style Varmint stock for the 595), it is in what is known as "Coyote Bomber" colours, which is 60% dark grey/20%medium tan/20% black. It has been pillar bedded by a known rifle smith in UK , as I wouldnt spend all that cash on a decent stock and then spoil the job for a £100 bedding job. Just my opinion.....

    The best thing is you are thinking of ordering one is to give McM a call, they are very helpful in all respects, even warranty claims are dealt with promptly and fairly. BUT then you have to be patient.... I have just waited 7 months for another stock for a 695 'custom' that is being made for me at the moment.

    Or, get a ready made one from Jackson Rifles, but you wont have your own choice of colours.

    As for the set up, ..........its great! and in .260 it is much better than it was as a .243 IMHO.

    Good luck with the project



    I'm forwarding a query on behalf of my brother (tunskeen on the forum) he was unable to PM you earlier for some reason. Long story short, he saw the photos of your tika 595 and sako 75 in the McMillan stocks and as he is planning on doing the same with his 595 in 243win (planning on a sako varmint style McMillan) thought it might be useful to get some info. Primarily he was wondering if there was any problem with the 'drop in and shoot' fit of the stock - did it require bedding or any 'fettling'? How do you find the set up. And finally what model is your stock and what are the actual colour/design of your stock?
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