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  1. First in a while

    @Brighty3006 @Loki @Roestalker39 Thanks gents, your support is most kind and appreciated :tiphat: @neillfrbs Cheers Neil, same for photos my friend, if you'd ever like any taken, I'm just glad of the opportunity to do something 'useful' ☺:tiphat:
  2. First in a while

    @SCC @Yokel Matt @downwind Thanks gents, I'm quite blown away with the support ☺:tiphat:
  3. First in a while

    Cheers Ian @tozzybum :tiphat: Thanks @magnificent 7 :tiphat:
  4. First in a while

    Thanks @bullet chucker you're very kind. I'm pretty sure this was the same young Buck I used to watch on the ground when last there, always hanging around at a 'safe distance' from the other Bucks. Unfortunately, I've been told categorically that after 7-years I'm now sadly most unlikely to ever...
  5. First in a while

    Thanks McKenzie, much appreciated. I called my beloved FRL "Kenzi" :) If you still see Richard, do please pass on my absolute best. We didn't part on the best of terms but I remain forever grateful for his kindness and generosity.
  6. First in a while

    The Buck dropped but bounced up again and staggered sharply towards the hedge. In the excitement, neither John nor I had completely clocked the Bucks movement in the long grass and so after a minute or two’s pause, split up in search. We needn’t however have worried; the Buck had only made a few...
  7. First in a while

    Ninth Stalk Diary – 21st July 2020 Well, I never expected to be writing another stalk diary but here we are and I can’t tell you how glad I am. A few weeks short of four years since my last stalk diary and three and a half since I had to surrender my firearms. Why? Because despite the wholesale...
  8. Sold: Harkila Pro Hunter Extend Trousers, Hunting, Shooting, EU 58 UK 42" Waist, BNWT £125

    Harkila Pro Hunter Extend Trousers in Hunting Green / Shadow Brown EU58, UK42" Waist, brand new with tags, only removed from packaging for photos, £125 posted. I purchased four pairs originally for every day wear, but am now in the process of losing a lot of weight hence the sale. Several...
  9. Sold: Harkila Pro Hunter Active Trousers C58

    Sold subject to the usual.
  10. Sold: Harkila Pro Hunter Active Trousers C58

    Harkila Pro Hunter Active Trousers size C58 barely used and then only for winter walking, therefore excellent condition. Zips behind side pockets allow ventilation if get too hot. In process of losing large amount of weight, hence sale. £130 plus £5 postage. Additional three close-up...
  11. Sold: Richard Eadon "Stalker" Knife with 4.5” Elmax Steel Blade and Canadian Maple Handle

    Very kind of you to provide those details Peter, thank you.
  12. For Sale: Richard Eadon Custom with 4” Carbon Steel Blade and Wrapped Leather Handle

    Sadly finally accepting there is almost zero chance of ever getting my licences back, there is no sense in hanging onto my lovely knives and so selling to fund a quality beach fishing rod. I have M.E. for which I was forced to undergo unfounded 'psych' 'treatment' back in 2017 and consequently...