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  1. Fireworks

    Brilliant, do it with any fireworks in the background and I'm sure it'll pay dividends!! Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
  2. Fireworks

    Agree 100% with Riddick! No fuss, I'd even consider taking her out with gun as its getting dark so long as its something she absolutely loves. Get her interested and enjoying your shooting, let off some shots especially if you can drop something for her (take an old bird for her to find) and as...
  3. Fireworks

    It might be the added lights with it, my pup is ok with it but she does notice the lights with the bangs more so than any other of mine have. Luckily I've one here who so laid back and her reaction calms the newer one too. While it's still fresh it might be worth trying to address and make a...
  4. Meopta Optika6 scopes

    Special ordered one through Viking and my local dealer. Told 12 week wait due to concerns over Brexit. Only a few more weeks to wait now and it should be here.
  5. Stalking with a terrier.

    My Plummer... Great all round companion and worker. A big part of her role will be deer scenting/tracking and so far she's doing well. 14 months old now and will indicate if there are any deer about. Will also follow a trail to a dead deer over a short distance. She does pick up on old trails...
  6. For Sale: Schultz & Larsen Micro Moderator

    Pm sent Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
  7. For Sale: Schultz & Larsen Micro Moderator

    Hi, did you sell this? Will this fit the 308, I've only seen them listed 6,7 or 8mm. Thanks
  8. Pour ammo stockist near Warwick

    Sephtons and McAvoys don't stock. Centrevine do but as hoc and won't let you order any, also difficult to get them on the phone. Will look into the Warrington shop as not heard of one there before, thanks
  9. Pour ammo stockist near Warwick

    Thanks, I will check... :-)
  10. Pour ammo stockist near Warwick

    Bloody spellchecker, that is PPU not pour...
  11. Pour ammo stockist near Warwick

    Hi, I am travelling down the M6 to Warwick next week and am wondering if I can combine the trip with getting some more 100grn ammo for my 243. Anyone know of any stockists nearby. Only ones I know of are Cheshire gun rooms but both are out of the way... Thanks
  12. Stalking around Catcleugh, Kielder Forest Park

    Cheers... Travel plans have changed but I will still make enquiries as I may well be up that way more often now... Ta
  13. Stalking around Catcleugh, Kielder Forest Park

    Hi, I am heading up to Catcleugh, Kielder Forest, Northumberland on Thursday for the weekend. I was wondering if there is any stalking nearby? Gonna try google tomorrow but thought I'd ask on here first. many thanks Ewan
  14. bobjs operation results

    great news Bob and glad it all seems positive now....plenty of rest and tlc and you will recover well i am sure!!! atb