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  1. Sold: Bergara BA13 .308

    Thanks for that I'll take a look :)
  2. Sold: Bergara BA13 .308

    Hi Mossypaw, just out of interest where did you source that one piece mount from? I'm looking to get the same rifle and interested in a one piece to possibly keep the height low? thanks
  3. 2nd .308 rifle justification

    I've just applied for a variation on the same grounds. Single shot lightweight 308 for woodland stalking to go with my current heavy 308 for longer range/hill. Wanted it shorter too for more maneuverability in woods, didn't want a different caliber as I like the 308 and am hoping it'll like...
  4. Good start for my new Plummer

    There's a few bits to it up there :)
  5. Sold: 30-06/308/270 - what you got?

    Schultz and larsen 308 class dl and love it, very mild recoil and so accurate!
  6. Sold: Cheapish .243 rifle

    I like the looks of the bergara b13 takedown but haven't any experience of them. Maybe worth a look?
  7. Good start for my new Plummer

    She's been coming along nicely but most have dropped within 15m of the shotsite. This one ran on for 55m through fairly dense wood land. The buck in the photo stood on the shot which covered the does route and I got there expecting the doe to have run left. Bram decided otherwise and put her...
  8. Meopta Optika6 scopes

    I got told optics direct EU or whatever it was called was good, warranty was good too, but posting a scope out of the UK may not be now possible? Wasn't prepared to take the risk and already waited so wait a bit longer ;)
  9. Meopta Optika6 scopes

    Yeah it was, up until about 2 weeks ago they were saying they'd honour the deal/sale and not to worry scope should have been on late Feb shipment. Then about 10 days ago got told they wouldn't be honouring it but ruarg would in their behalf. Then found out ruarg had no clue but are now taking my...
  10. Meopta Optika6 scopes

    Yeah I believe prices are rising but they have agreed to honour the original price quoted for mine in September...
  11. Meopta Optika6 scopes

    Good to hear that, with them not being readily available over here there's almost no reviews or knowledge of them..
  12. Meopta Optika6 scopes

    Hi, after months of waiting was, told last week Viking have lost the import contract with meopta. Ruarg (spelling) are taking over... They accepted my order and have said 12 weeks wait. Wouldn't touch Viking with a large pole after repeated assurances they were on with it... Apparently ruarg are...
  13. Fireworks

    Brilliant, do it with any fireworks in the background and I'm sure it'll pay dividends!!
  14. Fireworks

    Agree 100% with Riddick! No fuss, I'd even consider taking her out with gun as its getting dark so long as its something she absolutely loves. Get her interested and enjoying your shooting, let off some shots especially if you can drop something for her (take an old bird for her to find) and as...
  15. Fireworks

    It might be the added lights with it, my pup is ok with it but she does notice the lights with the bangs more so than any other of mine have. Luckily I've one here who so laid back and her reaction calms the newer one too. While it's still fresh it might be worth trying to address and make a...