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Stoney Creek - Purpose Built Shooting Clothing
  1. For Sale: Sealskinz Duty Cut Resistant Gloves Size Small

    I will take a pair please .
  2. Sparsholt

    Good morning, Anyone on here that is attending sparsholt college that travels to the south west or Wiltshire /Somerset? Could you message me please Thanks
  3. Game keeping

    Update : He has decided to ignore some advice on here (follow the money , no point , get a trade and be miserable but not keeping ) However there was some positive posts and how much people love it , We dropped him at Sparsholt yesterday with all his kit ! On his own for the first time in the...
  4. Wanted: GWP

    Pm sent
  5. Sold: Musto Technical Game Shooting Tweeds - Price drop

    Would you sell The breeks separate ? Thanks
  6. Devon sika

    I have had several sika stags turn up on the estate I work over the past 5 or so years . I am near the exe estuary so in my opinion they are coming across the south from Dorset . We have another estate further up the coast Near beer and they have also been there over the last few years . Only...
  7. Sold: Swarovski Z4i 3-12x50 L

    Can you put a BT on these scopes ? thanks
  8. Measurement at the game fair

    Did you find out ?
  9. For Sale: Pair of wall mounted pheasants.

    Any idea how much to send please .
  10. House /barn /annex

    Sunday boost
  11. House /barn /annex

    my best mate is looking for some decent accommodation in or close to Witney Oxford. He’s a professional in health care and a paramedic. Looking for a 2 bed He’s also a stalker and countryman. Who’s got a annex or barn or anything in the area ? Many thanks
  12. Any one else going to be in their High Seats an hour before sunrise this weekend?

    I have found more people in the woods and about than ever !
  13. Well Chuffed - painting coming on a treat

    Wow brilliant work , one day I will get a teckel I love them !
  14. Sold: The versatile gun dog guy Wallace

    £30 including p/p Thanks
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