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  1. Tetra Pro Smith Jag and Patches

    I've got a .308 and using a .308 cal rod, 308 cal jag and .30-45cal patches....
  2. Tetra Pro Smith Jag and Patches

    Hi All, Forgive me for the silly question, but I’ve recently bought a Tetra Pro Smith Jag (Tetra ProSmith Rifle Brass Jag) and some Tetra Pro Smith Cleaning patches (Tetra ProSmith Cleaning Patches) . However, the patches don’t fit down the barrel of my rifle when attached to the jag…. Am I...
  3. The Doghouse meet. Oxfordshire.

    If this is open to all SD members I would be interested!
  4. Wanted: Tikka T3X Wooden Stock

    As above - I'm looking for a standard Tikka T3X wooden stock. Does anyone have one? TIA
  5. For Sale: Another Book Clear Out -- Two more added

    Please could I have Wild Deer?
  6. Shooting to the right

    Good suggestion. Will give it a try!
  7. Shooting to the right

    The scope has fixed parallax at 100m. Even if there was a parallax error I wouldn’t have expected it to have this much impact at 100 and 200m?
  8. Shooting to the right

    I believe so - I used a Wheeler bubble level kit to set it up when I first attached it. I also didn’t think a canted scope would make any difference at that short distance?
  9. Shooting to the right

    Shooting slightly right in relation to the centre of the target. With both sets of ammunition I’m achieving 0.5 MOA groups with five shots. Each time im testing the results with 5 shot groups. With the 150gr ammo it is bang on at 100m, but 1” to the right at 200m. With the 110gr ammo it is a...
  10. Shooting to the right

    Thank you for that incredibly astute observation. What I was asking was why the deviation is there.
  11. Shooting to the right

    I've noticed that my setup seems to shoot slightly to the right at 200m or if using faster ammunition at 100m. For example, with 150gr bullets (in my 308) I am bang on at 100m, but 1" to the right at 200m. With faster 110gr or 130gr bullets I am 1.5" to the right at 100m. Can anyone explain what...
  12. Vihtavuori N135

    What powder charge are you using for the 110gr out of interest?
  13. Vihtavuori N135

    Does anyone have any experience of N135 with 110 / 130gr .308 bullets? Good? Bad? Indifferent? Any hints or tips? I'll be working up a load shortly with it so am keen to hear of others experiences / opinions. Thanks
  14. Barnes TTSX 130gr in .30

    Thanks everyone - order placed with Macleod & Son!
  15. Barnes TTSX 130gr in .30

    Does anyone know where I can buy some Barnes TTSX 130gr bullets to reload in .30 calibre? I've run out and can't seem to find any more anywhere! Thanks Tom
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