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  1. Bullet Heads used in Sako Superhammerhead .308?

    Hi There, Does anyone know what bullet heads Sako uses in their 150gr .308 Superhammerhead ammunition? Thanks Tom
  2. Wanted: 308 Win Full Length Sizing Die

  3. Wanted: 308 Win Full Length Sizing Die

    Does anyone have a .308 Win full length sizing die for sale? Not fussy about brand / make, but would prefer Lee if possible. If not, does anyone know where I can buy one as a stand-alone item, ie not part of a set? Thanks!
  4. Gunsmith Recommendation - South Oxfordshire

    I’m based in South Oxfordshire and looking for a gunsmith to do the following work on a rifle: 1. Screwcut for moderator (doesn’t need to be proofed); 2. Fluting of rifle bolt; 3. Glass bedding the wooden stock. Can anyone recommend a good gunsmith to do this? Any suggestions welcomed! Thanks
  5. Rifle Grip Caps

    They do, but they’re all plain!
  6. Rifle Grip Caps

    Hi All, I have an old Kipplauf that we are restoring. I'm looking to put a grip cap on the bottom of the pistol grip, preferably one with some sort of game scene on it. Has anyone got any suggestions where I can buy one from? Can anyone also talk me through how they are attached to the rifle...
  7. Shot Placement

    Thanks all. What I was hoping to find was something similar to the Perfect Shot diagrams but for deer. There are plenty of books for safari animals and dangerous game, but nothing for deer!
  8. Shot Placement

    Hi All, I'm doing a research project and wondered if someone could point me in the direction of some diagrams / pictures showing ideal shot placement for the following: 1. Head shot 2. Neck shot 3. Ordinary (heart / lung) chest shot 4. 'Pinning of the shoulders' This is all for deer, not...
  9. Rifle Bedding Oxfordshire

    The rifle has “bedding pads” in it at the moment which were installed by the manufacturer.
  10. Sierra Gameking .308 on Muntjac

    The Doe ran about 15 yards maybe?!
  11. Sierra Gameking .308 on Muntjac

    I thought the same initially, but I’ve chronographed my rounds and they reliably come out at 2,747 so no problems there!!
  12. Rifle Bedding Oxfordshire

    Can anyone recommend a gunsmith in Oxfordshire (or nearby) who can resin / epoxy bed a rifle for me? I'm looking to do this to hopefully improve accuracy and ensure consistent torque when re-assembling a wooden stocked rifle. TIA Tom
  13. Sierra Gameking .308 on Muntjac

    Thanks for the wise words! Really helpful!
  14. Sierra Gameking .308 on Muntjac

    Sadly the deer did run on.... I wondered whether the bullet had too much force to dump it’s energy in the Muntjac?
  15. Sierra Gameking .308 on Muntjac

    In my experience Muntjac are very hardy - I’ve always been surprised how much it takes to drop them.