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  1. Wanted: 6mm/ .243 wildcat evo baffle

    Wanted a 6mm wildcat evo baffle for a .243, Thanks in advance
  2. Wanted: Contessa scope rings 30mm for quick detach contessa mount

    Hi, I need a set of the rings that attach to the contessa quick release mount in 30mm if anyone has a spare set, could swap for the 1” rings if that helps, After the low ones but will consider anything Many thanks in advance
  3. Wanted: 6.5+mm moderator with 5/8x24 UNEF thread

    No worries, good luck with the search
  4. Wanted: 6.5+mm moderator with 5/8x24 UNEF thread

    I’ve got a Stalon moderator for sale, I’ve refreshed the original sales post so it should be at the top of the thread, If you want any photos or any more info let me know, cheers
  5. Wanted: Blaser sling

    Cheers, looking for second hand or the Lofen wool one, if nothing pops up il get one of those, thanks
  6. Wanted: Blaser sling

  7. Wanted: Blaser sling

    Looking for a Blaser sling, the wool and leather preferred but will consider any, Thanks in advance, Tom
  8. For Sale: Magpal Pmag gen 3 magazines

    Ar10 magazines, one of the ten shot magazines doesn’t have the dust cover, one of the magazines is brand new from a Ruger precision and of the magazines is the 25 round ones with the clear window, all in good condition. Looking for £60 posted for the lot, or would swap for aics mags, Many...
  9. For Sale: Stalon w145 5/8x24 6.5, 7mm .30 moderator

    For sale is a Stalon W145 moderator with a 5/8X24 UNEF thread, had less than 100 rounds through it, more like 50 of 6.5 Creedmoor, It’s rated upto 30 cal, Super lightweight mod and spot on noise reduction, selling as I don’t use a moderator on the rifle anymore and do have a spare wildcat if...
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