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  1. shooting show 2022

    Minimum 2 days, took the wife last time , she enjoyed one day and I did 2, not far from town centre. Spread over 5 halls + an adjacent angling show. Looking to go in 2022 again.
  2. For Sale: Optilocks

  3. For Sale: Blaser Kick Stop

  4. For Sale: Optilocks

  5. Is BASC membership worth it?

    And when I called yesterday I got a recorded message saying they were closed due to covid 19 !!! Not a lot of help there.
  6. For Sale: Optilocks

    From base to ring 20mm, from bottom of ring to ring 10mm.
  7. For Sale: Blaser Kick Stop

    found plenty on a "Google search" so I would say yes
  8. For Sale: Optilocks

    30mm Black Optilock bases and rings wih liners (Sako/ Tikka and may be suitable for others) ....................£80 delivered UK mainland
  9. For Sale: Blaser Kick Stop

    Fits R8/R93 stocks (not thumbhole as far as I am aware)............£160 delivered uk mainland
  10. TRAVELLING ABROAD - the document saga -

    will AOLQ on your FAC not be sufficient..
  11. TRAVELLING ABROAD - the document saga -

    But sensationalist, you only apply to the countries you visit and who ask for it, we already know France and Croatia don't and probably several more, but nevertheless that's handy information as I do transit the Netherlands occaisionally
  12. TRAVELLING ABROAD - the document saga -

    From the French Customs website (Google translation ) - Vous résidez dans un pays tiers à l'UE et voyagez en France avec des armes "Who is affected by this process? Any hunter or sports shooter who resides in a country outside the European Union and who wishes to travel to France with weapons...
  13. TRAVELLING ABROAD - the document saga -

    Busy arranging a trip to France and apparently the new rules for transporting firearms from UK have been published - You are allowed up to two sporting rifles, 100 rounds of ammunition and an invitation letter, it was also suggested that you carry insurance with BASC required by my host. Don't...
  14. TRAVELLING ABROAD - the document saga -

    it would really help if anyone travelling by whatever means feedsback their experience to help others.
  15. TRAVELLING ABROAD - the document saga -

    But they will accept a FAC as legal reason to posses, the invitation is the legal reason to be there and the insurance is usually mandatory, the EFP is defunct as far as we are concerned (UK ).
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