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  1. For Sale: Boots

    Small feet are a gift. Hopefully someone fancies treating there wife to some winter boots.
  2. For Sale: Boots

    Ttt bargain boots
  3. Sold: Military harris bipod

    I’m sure there is an accident report and loss rep to cover it. Not necessarily stolen they do come up in surplus auctions. Although some sharpshooter rifle might be sat bipodless.
  4. Sold: Military harris bipod

    It is the same bipod. The adapter is only any use if you want to mount to a rail.
  5. Sold: Military harris bipod

    What’s the difference between a military Harris and a shop bought one ?
  6. For Sale: Swarovski DS or Z6 i

    2650 posted including rings. Sent next day delivery.
  7. For Sale: Swarovski DS or Z6 i

    Sent you a message
  8. For Sale: Swarovski DS or Z6 i

  9. FEO

  10. FEO

  11. FEO

    The police yes, the military around about 24 years ago. Things don’t change that much, the numbers turned away by the police are fairly high. A lot of them ex military senior NCOS warrant officers and officers.
  12. Wanted: Zeiss, Swarovski ,Leica etc

    What magnification range are you after. And budget think there is a z6 i 2.5-15 on here somewhere.
  13. Burris Eliminator III Laser Rangefinding Scope costing advice needed

    How old is the scope ? Not sure on the Burris warranty for electronics. I used to have one and was looking for another a while back I took the leap to the DS. The Burris I have seen a few advertised lately for 6-700 Probably expecting 500-550. In your shoes for a quick sale 550 if your happy...
  14. FEO

    To be fair to your mate, police sharpshooters and military snipers are two completely different things. Having shared an area with the met used for angled shooting. We spent our nights under a tree and shot out to 600 m from the top of the hill. They lived in a luxury hotel and shot out to...
  15. Tier One Dream Build Project

    I have three rifles very similar in design to that build. It is piles apart from most rifles in Hollywood films. The rifle is perfectly legal in a light accurate platform. If any one has issues with the look that is there choice.