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  • Hi Roy
    Managed to get a couple of skins for the NatApt thanks

    could I ask a favour?

    If you get out again before the NatApt, coud you try to collect some blood for me? I got some from the first doe I took last week, but had forgotten to take a bottle when i took the second one!

    many thanks pal

    cheers roy
    as things stand, it may be being brought in to service!
    4" of snow on way up and a good covering this morning. waste of time stalking round the woods as the snow was frozen and crispy. stalked out to some earth works where deer had been seen yesterday and sat up there for 4 hrs. never saw sight or sound of a deer. froze me nads off!
    looks like I am going to lose my stalking (and my money) up here soon so sent 100 letters off to farmers all around this area. had several knock backs and no positive responses. one guy did say the stalkingw as already leased, but has invited me for a brew and chat tmrw. hope I may be able to sort something with him
    now, off for a glass of red with lunch, a bit of a snooze, then its football cup final time!
    back out tmrw evening, tues morn, weds evening and thurs morn. then to caravan till sunday

    keep the faith!
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