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  1. caretaking a .22rf for a friend pending sale .

    Yup as I predicted , thanks for the input guys . Its a bloody minefield out there regarding ownership etc , thanks dave 67 . on comment RFD . Another angle to pursue , cheers for that . I will pass on comments . Endex thank you all
  2. Channel 4 Poaching scum!

    John, no . have been off here for awhile , some m8s gorn !! thats all , there are mischief makers though . Which perhaps makes a living site !!. Which is good enough for me . I still have issues , that this was, a deer stalking site ! I don't really want to know what someone did with a pellet...
  3. caretaking a .22rf for a friend pending sale .

    I have been asked to caretake a .22 rf for a friend . He is selling this to a third party with cabinet etc .! but it remains with the owner till confirmation of fac of the buyer . I have 1 x rf on my fac only!!! and that covers my own . Can I hold my friends .22 rf, less bolt untill , he has...
  4. Channel 4 Poaching scum!

    gypsy blood I do miss the days , when BEOWULF , and SWAMPY SNIFFED OUT trolls !!quicker than a ferret down a rabbit hole !! As for the programme in question , it will continue to be shown, my only request ,is that based on the factual evidence shown on this programme regarding illegal pursuits...
  5. Free patterdale terrier

  6. Free patterdale terrier

    Location grimsby. he is fine with other dogs. Trapper
  7. Free patterdale terrier

    Incase you are thinking there is something wrong with him , just the sun on his leg he is jet black .
  8. Free patterdale terrier

    by trapper on August 30th, 2010, 7:00 pm Hi all , my neighbour is having another addition to the family !! reluctantly Jack a 12 month old Patterdale Terrier needs a working environment !! ideally /family rehome , he is great with kids, and cats , Innoculated / booster due in nov , Docked &...
  9. A return story

    Wadas. Welcome back , pm sent.
  10. Think I am back !!

    Tj , Thanks , he is progressing well , takes a longtime , to sort out , he won't be running a marathon , but he is a lucky one . !!!! . Hats off !!. thanks .
  11. Think I am back !!

    After a long challenge/ absence with Mrs trappers illness ! we done the last chemo today , still the op to go but , looking forward . Thanks to our /my friends on site who have kept in touch. May feel that I am back to square one !! . But we are chuffed with progress . The future >> Trapper n...
  12. Best Looking Deer Dog in the UK

    Large Munsterlander! Freya at 1 yr old ! Does the job! and loves water as well . I am a happy Trapper:lol:
  13. Insurance who you with?

    B.A.S.C been with them all my shooting life , works for me . Regards Trapper.

    Zaitsev /Gareth nice meeting you although you where up to your neck at the stand,thanks to The muddy clan , Muddy , Duncan, Dean , a pleasure to touch base again,Oldman and Graham M pleasure to meet you also , John thanks for bailing me out with the interlocks.( Duh I forgot my fac) . More...
  15. What have you been doing in the rain lately?

    Nell It must take hundreds of those moles to make a decent pair of trousers !, and how do you dye them !! he he Trapper