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  1. Choosing Reloading Dies

    I have a set of Lee dies for each calibre I own (currently 38spl, 44 Mag, 223, 243, 6.5CM 303 & 308). For the rifle set these include the collet neck-sizer and the factory crimp die. I have had some RCBS dies in the past, but found them more fiddly than the Lee one for no great advantage, so...
  2. Calibrating propane forge using K-type thermocouples and optical thermometer

    I like Alan's idea of calibrating your thermometer/thermocouple by the melting point of a metal as these are more-or-less fixed. I'd use copper (at 1084 C) as the brass & aluminium alloys have varying melting points. Triffid
  3. Mossberg

    The FAC tube is exactly the same length as the SG tube. It just doesn't have the crimp! I'm sure that the moderated barrel would still fit, with the moderated part of the barrel only starting after the end of the Mag tube. One thing I'd like to get for the gun is a moderated 12g barrel for drey...
  4. Mossberg

    I have a Mossberg 500, bought as S2. The magazine tube has a crimp to only allow 2 rounds. With the blessing of the Police and a S1 slot on my FAC, I obtained a new mag tube (Brownells) and it was a 5 minute job to swop the tubes over. Triffid
  5. A question for the knife makers. Which belt grinder?

    I don't know whether Downland Engineering are still going, but they might be worth a look. Triffid
  6. Rifle smith in Sussex / Surrey

    What kind of jams are you getting? I've found the 10-22 to be straightforward to work on and mechanically straightforward if you don't mind getting your hands dirty. I look after two for my Club, which take a hammering. Triffid
  7. Does anyone rate this scope?

    Probably no better or worse than any similarly priced scope from ebay/amazon etc. All made in China to a budget and the more you pay, the better spec you get. For an honest Chinese scope in that budget try Fox Firearms. They have a reputation of being spot-on-the-money. For reviews, both...
  8. Vihtavuori powder suppliers in Hampshire

    Andy Allwood in Bracknell isn't a million miles away. ANDY - 01344 484215 Miles Robertson operates out of Bisley and very very helpful . Hodgdon, Vihtavouri and Alliant smokeless powders. Triffid
  9. D&C response

    Or perhaps: Controversial village Bat going crazy over shed building plans
  10. Pillar bedding

    Yes and they are often done at the same time. I've just completed my first bedding job, a Howa 308 into a Boyds laminate stock. I did it after the stock screws came slightly loose, affecting accuracy; when i tightened up the screws to the recommended torque, I noticed that the stock was bending...
  11. Sold: Howa Hact Trigger Unit

    Thanks, arrived safely. Triffid
  12. For Sale: S&B Schmidt & Bender 8x56 Klassic Scope

    Yes it is.
  13. Sold: Howa Hact Trigger Unit

    I will take. PM inbound Triffid
  14. Re loading which press

    Try this review of 14 of the most common single-stage presses. In particular have a look at the data he produced showing the quality of the ammo each press produced.
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