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  • Hello Bob think you need to get your self down to your local dealer get plugged up to the lap t and run the diagnostic on the body:D see if they can see what is going on, on a more serious note mate hope you get sorted the back bone is a sod if it plays up, good luck with that one mate.

    atb paul
    Hi Paul

    well things not going to plan here, just got myself a wee part time job, and im having problems with pins and needles in my chest back and legs, so it seems something isnot right after the spinal operation,not been out much but the weather has been pants, got the new 20 tac after selling that ziess i had off you and selling my old 20 tac, but still not used it to great effect YET.

    well ill keep you posted Paul, hope the family are all well.

    hello Yorkie i always try to get on the laptop and answer people,,,the hours i work make it hard some times to reply,,,was on the farm today spraying the rest of the 800 acre just got in,,, getting to old for this ****,,,still keeps me in good stead for the gun shows and buying more bits.

    Thanks for your help mate and taking the time out to respond to my PM.
    Keep well.
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