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  1. Fox Raid

    **** on the corner of ya traps , keeps foxes away
  2. first evening cub

    old foxes first then the cubs , they wont be far from the earth yet so all youve done is move the problem
  3. Badger-proof feeder springs

    a few years ago i had one feeder being targeted , i put a pell fencer in the feeder clipped to the spring and ran the earth down the leg , they dont like a mouth full of sparks
  4. Is there such a thing as a Giant Polecat???

    its either a polecat coloured ferret , a polecat x ferret or a true wild polecat . If it is a polecat its protected by law
  5. POLL: What to do about the Feral Ferret/Mink/Creature?

    polecats are protected by law
  6. What are these traps for?

    yep , they are sparrow traps
  7. Is there such a thing as a Giant Polecat???

    its not an otter its got a white head , its a polecat ferret
  8. Just Beaters day to go

    cant have a shoot day with no beaters
  9. brithunter

    havent heard anything off him lately , any news ?
  10. Silenced 410 or semi 12g?

    thats just what i found
  11. Fox cubs

    feral cat kittens
  12. Smartass Rat!

    the loose bait may be a non toxic monitoring feed stuff , setting uncovered fenn traps on runs would also be illegal
  13. multi shot

    if you assume you make an ASS out of U and ME
  14. Albino fox mounting cost?

    I dont know what it would cost but Colin Dunton did a great job of a cwd for me for about 250 I think , would a full body mount look better ? and have you caught up with it yet ?
  15. Rta ?

    youd have more sense than to shoot one near a busy road then wouldnt you