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Leica Amplus 6
  1. Hide curing for dog training.

    I don’t use hide to lay a track. Just hoof and little blood. Hide will be for the end of track. I use a real deer sometimes but it’s not very convenient.
  2. Hide curing for dog training.

  3. Hide curing for dog training.

    What products are available to treat a hide that are relatively easy? I have used salt in past but it’s slow and I find in this damp time of year not so good. I don’t need it to be house worthy as it will live in workshop. Just wondering what others are doing? I will use salt if the alternative...
  4. Off lead heel

    If he’s going to be a peg dog/retriever or stalking companion then heel now is what I’d do. As said, prob little too soon to go off lead by sound of it. With some more lead work under your belt then I would use a length of Para cord about 2m or so that I hold to start then let drag. So light...
  5. March Scopes

    I don’t want to deviate off the OP thread. Pm me and I’m happy to discuss 👍🏼
  6. March Scopes

    Really enjoying owning mine. I will eventually put it on a lightweight long range rifle where they make the most sense. Light, robust and some really nice features. They are a good all rounder.
  7. End of the Fallow Rut

    That horse tape is buck magnet. I think from now on I’m going to bin my salt block and hang a roll in a tree just out of reach😆 The amount of paddocks I see with that stuff draped loose all over the place make me cringe.
  8. For Sale: GWP Pups

    Lovely looking pups. You probably need to put a price up.
  9. Fallow Rut

    Well I’m glad it started little early this year and that I’ve had opportunity to be out several time and have deer in the chiller. As I bloody tested positive for COVID yesterday so that’s me bugger in quarantine for next 10 days. 😫😷
  10. Fallow Rut

    Bucks been on and off here in East Sussex for last 10 days.
  11. Best taxidermist to send a medal fallow to??

    Let’s see the head mate. I can get you name of a chap. He isn’t local but has done some very good fallow for a mate.
  12. Kent and East Sussex bucks

    Nice work Steve. It’s full on hard work buck stalking solo, especially if your out that many times a wk.
  13. Pups first track

    Mereside & keith are spot on. Everyone has a slighty different approach. Im no expert but have done a lot of reading and trained my last dog to a reasonable standard. Home made lines. Paracord left, 8mm Biothane right. I’m the camp of using a line from early on. I use Para cord when the pup...
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