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  1. Pulsar Helion Holder

    Did your Helion not come with a Pulsar Shoulder/waist carry case?
  2. Home-made tumbler using S/S media

    Couple more pictures showing the set-up. What the photos don't show too well is the container/tub has rounded square sides ie it’s not a cylinder.
  3. Home-made tumbler using S/S media

    I can’t work out how to insert a video of the tumbler running but here’s some photos of the batch I just put through it. The batch was tipped into a bucket; note the colour of the ‘water’! I thoroughly rinse the brass and media in tap hot water before removing the brass to dry it. I carefully...
  4. Home-made tumbler using S/S media

    To use my DIY tumbler, I pop the brass into the tub, add a slosh of ‘Fairy Liquid’, a teaspoon of citric acid crystals and top up with hot water from the tap.I then clamp the L bracket into the stand and attach a battery drill to the end of the drill bit. Using a small clamp to hold the drill...
  5. Home-made tumbler using S/S media

    I’ve been asked about my home-made tumbler after responding to another post so here goes. About a year ago, I acquired some (a large quantity) used brass and decided to make a tumbler to try stainless steel media to see if it was any better than my previous brass cleaning attempts. The rough...
  6. Wanted: Stainless steel tumbling pins.

    I got mine of e-bay about a year ago and they’re great. I use an old dog chew tub and spin it with an electric drill; water, a squirt of washing up liquid and a teaspoon of citric-acid crystals (e-bay again). My brass comes out looking like new after 30mins of tumbling. Full set-up less than £25...
  7. .223 vs. .204 Ruger opinions please!

    To get the most out of a 204 you need a long barrel. My T3x L has a 20” barrel and shoots 32gr Sierras at 3750f/s. I also found my Tikka seems to like all the factory ammo I used in it. In the end used Hornady as that was the easiest to get; now I reload the Hornady cases with Re 10X and Sierra...
  8. Sold: Sako 75/85 Optilock Bases

  9. Sold: Nite tek 300 nv add on

    pm sent
  10. Sako mounts

    Picatinny rail from Near Manufacturing in Ca. Top quality stainless low profile rail, no screws just knock on with a block of wood N
  11. .22 Rimfire (subsonic) or .22 FAC Air rifle.

    I too have both. FAC air rifles are great up to 60 to 80 yards using pellets; quiet, accurate, significantly safer than LR and there’s no need to pick up your brass! If I want to shoot a rabbit, the LR is the last gun in the cabinet I’d choose because of the ricochets; I tend to use it for...
  12. Wanted: Long range Varmint scope

    Optics warehouse used Zeiss HD5 5-25x50 £495 nice scope but 1” tube N
  13. Adjustable mount for an external IR/Torch

    Zee rings or Optilock on a Picatinny raiser block like the one below (30mm ring so it has a 1” plastic insert in it too)
  14. CZ magazine spring

    Does anyone know where I can get a new/replacement magazine spring for a Bruno .22LR Thanks N