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  1. Fox, was it a hit or a miss?

    Unfortunately the fox left the ground over which I have permission to shoot and ran into the next field and possibly beyond. Unfortunately, this ground is extremely rough pasture and full of cows with young calves and an abundance of hares; I’d probably have been there all night looking for it...
  2. Fox, was it a hit or a miss?

    Thanks for the replies. From my own experience and from the replies I’ve had, sounds like it’s down in the next field. Unfortunately, that field belongs to a different farm and I don’t want to ask if I can have a look. I haven’t seen that fox since so perhaps it’s gone for good. N
  3. Fox, was it a hit or a miss?

    A question for all you fox shooters out there. I’ve shot foxes for many years but a fox I shot at, a couple of nights ago, has left me a little puzzled. I was shooting from a high seat, not my preferred shooting position, I’d waited for a fox that frequently visits the rearing field. The fox...
  4. Wanted: 22 Hornet dies, shell holder, brass, etc

    Thanks for the reply, I thought I’d see if there was anything going second hand before I placed an order with you. Does that mean you have the Remington brass too? I didn’t see it on your website when I looked the other day. N
  5. Wanted: 22 Hornet dies, shell holder, brass, etc

  6. Moderator fouling goo

    Norma do a 20gr Vmax and latterly a Nosler load in 17Rem
  7. Moderator fouling goo

    Stove pipe tar sounds like a perfect description. Unburnt powder would indicate a faster burning powder required. I’m using 23.8gr with 20gr Nosler Varmageddon 4300fps. N
  8. Moderator fouling goo

    I’ve been using a Wildcat Evo, in .17 cal. on my .17 Rem with Vhit N135. I’ve noticed that, after a range visit, the moderator is “spewing" black goo out of the end. I’ve stripped it cleaned it out thouroughly (has traces of black goo inside too), I don’t spray the inside with oil, I only use a...
  9. Remington 22 Hornet brass

    So what's wrong with compressed charges?~Muir If I’m honest, I’ve always avoided compressed loads and probably for no good reason other than worrying about the pressure on the back of the bullet once seated. Perhaps I need to rethink this if my choice of powder suggests compressed loads are...
  10. Remington 22 Hornet brass

    My theory was, get the cases with the largest capacity and, if development leads me close to loading at the higher end, my loads won’t be compressed. I’ve heard good things about K-Hornet in terms of case life and consistency, I’ve not ruled it out but It’s a secondhand hand rifle and I’d like...
  11. Remington 22 Hornet brass

    How do PPU, Hornady, etc brass compare volume wise to the Remington? N
  12. Remington 22 Hornet brass

    Does anyone know where I can get my hands on some Remington 22 Hornet brass. I’m after the Remington brass specifically as I’m told it has the largest powder capacity. Thanks N
  13. Wanted: 22 Hornet dies, shell holder, brass, etc

    Hi, I’m looking for 22 Hornet: Neck die Seating die Crimp die Neck expander Shell holder Remington brass Thanks N
  14. Wanted: Anschütz 1730 Picatinny rail

    As above, Picatinny rail wanted to fit Anschütz 1730 in 22 Hornet. It has dovetail and threaded receiver . Anything out there? Ttocs
  15. Stock hydro dipping

    Hydrographics York do a very nice job on gunstocks. Cost, around £100 to £120. They have a lot of different gunstock finishes and graphics available many of which are displayed in the reception. Manor Farm Buildings, Intake Lane, Acaster Malbis, York. YO23 2UJ Tel...