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  1. New Toy

    just realized my cock up. The ammunition i used was Geko 165 grain not PPU. Sorry Tusker
  2. New Toy

    yes and it's lovely. Tusker
  3. New Toy

    Very nice, I too have a Rigby in 275. It was a mess when I got it but Paul Roberts and his wonderful gunsmith restored it. I have been trying to find a load that it likes but have now given up as it loves PPU 165 grn ammo. Tusker
  4. Total Free Float Barrels vs: Some Fore End Pressure Points

    my CZ 550 30-06 is free floated , my Rigby 275 is not. both rifles shoot sub 1 inch groups at 100 yrds. I did have a Parker Hale in 270 win. When I bought it, it had the original stock and it was ok but after fitting a boyds stock that free floated the barrel groups became a lot tighter and...
  5. For Sale: Alan Wood Knife

    This I am selling for a friend. Bone handle/scales. He would like £350. Thanks for looking, Tusker.
  6. 30-06 165 grn and Vhit 550

    Cheers, I was thinking of that. Tusker
  7. 30-06 165 grn and Vhit 550

    Hello chaps, has anyone got any advise on loads for 165 grn Sierra Gameking. I am using Vhit 550. I can only find loads for 168 grain but not specific for 165 sierra,s Thanks, Tusker
  8. Knife making first attempt

    Well done mate, now the fun begins. What steel did you use? try to remember fit and finish are very important. crack on! Tusker

    I have one on my 243 , 2 years now and very happy. Tusker
  10. Stalking trousers wanted/recommendations

    Decathalon what you save on the big named brands you can still afford to go stalking. Tusker
  11. What calibre. ?

    Not a lot of difference between the 2 balisticaly. 30-06 has more scope for different bullets. I have hunted with both from Africa to Scotland taking red stag and moose, kudu and zebra. All died very quick with both calbres. I have no sensible reasoning but I don't like 308 stupid i know because...

    don't forget the multiple millions killed in the name of God in what ever form. Tusker
  13. Free(ish) hunts in Mozambique

    don't forget to make your introduction on the Introduction page;), Tusker
  14. What music has influenced your life?

    Pink Floyd, Bowie, Rolling Stones, loved soul. More recently Green Day I love the the real deep South country, Dixie Chicks, Tab Benoit, Eva Cassidy possibly the finest female vocalist. Tusker

    There was a very unsuitable chap I knew. he was so dangerous (lack of safety) and his personality was very odd, as well as being an alchaholic. I did the decent thing and of the few people that knew it was me all agreed a tragedy was averted. Tusker