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  1. SAA Flight Cancellations

    I really do not understand why anyone is even considering BA period! or SAA for that matter. There are cheaper carriers and they don't charge for firearms. Tusker
  2. First Knife

    Well done mate. Beware it is addictive. Tusker
  3. SAA Flight Cancellations

    I have booked flights with Ethiopian for 6 this year. No charge for firearms and return flights cost about £580 each. BA just taking the p1$s. Tusker
  4. Trousers

    I have a pair of these , I work out doors every day and they are possibly the warmest trousers I have ever had. Tusker
  5. New rifle: light and SHORT

    just bought a Kimber in 243. This is very light but not sure if they do a lefty. Tusker
  6. Trousers

    Solognac from Decathlon. Great value. You can buy them and still afford to go stalking ;) Tusker
  7. Bow hunting UK.

    I agree. I have been practicing with bows for the last 2 years. I bought my latest upgraded compound about 8 months ago. far more practice needed with the bow than rifle. I can now put 3 arrows in a 4 inch circle so I now feel that I can confidently hunt with it. Off to Namibia in 2021 having...
  8. Best magnification scope for driven boar in Turkey

    I have used 1.5-4 x 20 in the past worked very well for me , you need as much field of view as possible. The next time I go I will probably use my 4x32 leupold. Tusker
  9. Second hand made knife (and 3rd I suppose)...

    Very nice work, were did you get the jig I do with one like that. Tusker
  10. Boyds laminate stock

    I have had 2, one on my PH 270, very good dropped straight in and improved accuracy. The second i have on my CZ 550 in 243, needed a bit of work with a dremmel but very happy. Tusker
  11. Shotgun Gunsmith Sussex

    To be honest and to my embarrassment I cant remember his name but he is a very senior gentleman and very well respected. Tusker
  12. O1 steel with Desert Ironwood

    Hope you like this. A bit different. this style works well in the larder and very good for tunnel boning. Tusker
  13. Shotgun Gunsmith Sussex

    Rakers at Petworth, great old chap in there. Tusker
  14. Wanted: Wanted camo boots size 11

    Jack Pike make camo boots they are called "Tundra" very comfy and water proof. I think they cost about £70. tusker
  15. Do it or not?

    Changing from Sako to Remington is a bit like moving from Devon to Crawley. Tusker