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BRACES of Bristol - Dark Fox Package, Mauser M12, LIEMKE Thermal Scope, Wildcat Mod
  1. Training a puppy

    Thanks good Advice guys
  2. Training a puppy

    Thanks guys good advice
  3. Training a puppy

    Ok so I vaguely remember having difficulty getting my last pup to retrieve and must of sorted it somehow but I forget? New pup is 10-12 weeks old and just starting basic training. Which is going ok. He doesn’t seem at all interested in balls and even when mum retrieves he only wants to chase...
  4. Do I really need to rebarrel?

    I shot my dsc1 with a shot out barrel that never bettered 2.5” groups but a couple of others never even passed the shooting test with fancy new rigs lol.
  5. Tyres

    Bfg AT have always worked for me not a brilliant wet weather road tire but a good alround compromise for on off road work. I think driving slower in the rain is a good idea…. But it a landrover defender so fast is not an option
  6. Wanted: Kahles/Zeiss/interesting scope wanted

    I have a ZEISS victory t* 3-12 x56 Illumination and ASV+ Marks from use and small scratch on lens but not noticeable in use. Price reflect condition… pm me if interested
  7. My ever first stalk....not as expected.

    I wouldn’t be returning there for a bit. Come to scotland and I’ll take you out you will get cold and wet fall in a bog and generally be knackered trudging round the countryside and still not shoot anything but at least it will be free. Lol
  8. Sold: Bargain bunch of unwanted items

    Bag and bottle sold. Tie still here worth £18.99 yours for a tenner delivered
  9. Pulsar Rubber Eyepiece Needs Glued on

    Thanks that’s interesting
  10. Pulsar Rubber Eyepiece Needs Glued on

    No but aquasure will
  11. Pulsar Rubber Eyepiece Needs Glued on

    Aquasure id say superglue is no good on flexible things imho
  12. How do I avoid waste of sausage meat?

    Square sausage up here
  13. Wanted: Scotland loch fishing

    Ohh I didn’t know that thanks
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