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  • Hi Bob, yeah am deffo going as is Stuart, Shaun is trying to get funds released ( by the Mrs ) so am not sure if he'll be there but am sure he'll make a plan. Another really good mate wants to go so am sure we'll make a good team. Doctor Ken is going too. We're probably stopping nearby the night before so if you want to link up you can be our friend! Will liase nearer the time over that. Am also going on a trip to Latvia in January, sounds quite promising. Have already booked to go to the Dortmund Jagd und Hund game fair next Jan. WELL WORTH a trip if you can get there - cheap Easyjet from Luton and a top couple of days away dedicated to all things piggy etc. Spent the whole day watching the rain but the sun is out here now. Take care mate Chris.
    Hi Chris
    Hope you are keeping out the rain today?
    I have just being talking to stephen to day and he say's that he wil have to give the pigs a miss this year !:cuckoo:.
    So I will be traveling solo again (must be billy no mates again) I just wanted to check that you are still going on the first trip with frank before I book it .

    All the best Bob
    Hi Chris

    Just had a email from Frank asking if i want to go play with the piggy's again!!! . So i just woundered if you lads are still up for going again this year? and if so when?
    all the best
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