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  • ok john no worries just not heard anything so was abit worried.are you happy with the rest? can you just put a few words on the post for me thanks,wayne
    Hi Wayne,
    Not ignoring you, wiewed your message at work but obviously cant reply. Will get it measured and give you the info but it looks like I may have a problem with the camera. Whats your surname again for the cheque and can you PM me your phone no.
    Hi John its Wilber here I thought I had better let you now who it is!
    You should be ok for a bit of Roe stalking, Willo has been telling people for 10 days hes as good as got the stalking on the FC patch at the Black Hill up by me.;)
    I didn't now you had finished at AE, hope something turns up for you.
    Im sure I will bump into you one of these days (probably in the Tuns :D)
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