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  1. Sold: S&B 4 -16x50 Long Range

    🤔so not ideal for a Fac Air rifle or 22 lr then, Thankyou 👍
  2. Sold: S&B 4 -16x50 Long Range

    What distance does this scope parallax down to please?
  3. Wanted: Kevgun pard mount

    I have just sent him a Pm now, I didn’t realise he was on here, Thankyou 👍
  4. Wanted: Kevgun pard mount

    Could anyone give me a contact number please of the gentleman that makes these mounts or does anyone have one they would sell ?? Thanks in advance 👍
  5. Warden Digiceptor

    I like the drone a lot just fancy something of quality with a lrf on it
  6. Warden Digiceptor

    Anyone using one of these ? And is it Any better than the drone pro x10 ? If so in what way please?
  7. Wanted: Leupold vxlll 4.5 14x50 lr

    Ordered one the same this afternoon 👍👍
  8. Wanted: Leupold vxlll 4.5 14x50 lr

    Got one ordered this afternoon 👍👍
  9. Wanted: Leupold vxlll 4.5 14x50 lr

    Think I’m going to do the same, would have preferred a 50mm but at that price you can’t go wrong 👍
  10. Wanted: Leupold vxlll 4.5 14x50 lr

    Thankyou, I will bare that in mind, kind regards 👍
  11. Wanted: Leupold vxlll 4.5 14x50 lr

    Must be tidy, cash waiting
  12. Wanted: Ruger m77 mk11 med/high 30mm scope rings

    I think I may have some stainless ones, will have a look for you if there of interest to you, kind regards Derek
  13. Sold: Leupold VX111 4.5-14x40 SF

    What distance does this parallax down too please?
  14. For Sale: MAK (Heym) swing off mounts 30mm

    Which models of Heym do they fit please?
  15. Blaser R93

    R93, 22-250 , 20 inch barrel , if I do my bit right , Nothing gets away !! Bullet on top of bullet! I Absolutely love it 👍 also have and use . 222, 6.5x55 & 7x57 Barrels for it too👍