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  • It's a Harrier, the mk1 single shot. 24 ftlbs. Still haven't worked out whether to buy a pump or bottle. What do you know about bio digesters?
    What you doing looking at this? you should be working.....
    Have you got facebook? if you have look me up.
    Hi Wayne,
    How did you get on camping in the cotswolds?
    I spoke to Marcus last night. he's talked to his mate per (if thats how you spell it) I think the easiest thing is for Marcus to ring you himself. Are you happy for me to give him your mobile number?


    I saw your the video you had taken in your special field and was wondering whether you had it mounted onto a rifle and if so how had you done it.


    Hi Wayne,
    thanks again for last night, it's got to go down as one of the best evenings stalking i've had.
    I only wish my missus had told me that she had invited her sister to stop the night here last night as if i'd known i might not of walked into the spare bedroom at 3:00 in the morning and thrown a rucksack on the bed. not sure who screamed the loudest me or the sister in law.
    please let me know if you are out of pocket at the gamedealer because of that Fallow, I hate to think that you would loose out while doing me a good turn. I got the pictures, cheers.
    Hi Wayne

    Can i have the prices for the switch blade and the butchering set

    Hope you and Andy are well my mate


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