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  1. Leupold torx

    So first option good quality torx but that fits very well. Hope you don’t need to got to option 2 or 3. As for replacement I’ve a box of Leupold spare screws if your local your welcome to have a dig in.
  2. Barnard

    Again mostly P action experience but their great smooth actions and very reliable (just not with military primers RG)
  3. Rifle action opinions please.

    I’ve only ever got my hands on 1 once it was a custom rifle and it was like silk but robust feeling at the same time. As good or better than a Mayfair M98 action that’s been polished.
  4. Pard 008LRF on .223

    Mines on a cz 527 with thumbhole stock no need fir a cheek riser it light and easy to use.
  5. Which Copper solvent?

    KG1 and KG12 then have used Boretech now very happy with both
  6. Quickload 6.5x47 120 TTSX & .30-06 130 TTSX

    P Max looks interesting I’m going to be doing 3006 130g Fox with RS50 as there’s no RS60 available 😥
  7. For Sale: CZ 527 7.62x39

    Of course send me over an email address and I’ll send some over.
  8. For Sale: CZ 527 7.62x39

    Little bump
  9. For Sale: 308 GGG brass

    It’s 7.62 head stamp and they a boxer primers that have a crimp.
  10. For Sale: 308 GGG brass

    All PM replied to still about 300 left now.
  11. Accuracy International for stalking.

    I didnt use Foxhound I did use Jackal which was an improvement. By the time Foxhound came in I was only in an air mobile role which meant helicopters in and out and foot only on the ground bar a few quad bikes.
  12. Accuracy International for stalking.

    Many of use preferred normal land rovers than the over weight under powered ‘snatch’ Land Rover. Top heavy very very limited ballist protection, limited visabilty (when observation preempted attacks). Ok if the odd Irishman is throwing bricks or petrol bombs useless against bullets, RPG’s or...
  13. Anyone near Andover/Newbury got a Borescope?

    Drop me a pm I’m just outside Andover
  14. Accuracy International for stalking.

    They also failed miserably in achieving their goals as many of us who sat in them and have later buried friends and colleagues who proved they where unfit for propose will attest to. AI isn’t the only military option but has provide the best so far, and yes in the future will be overtaken but...