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  • Cheers Eddy that is most kind of you, My name is Robert Tennant, 46 Castle Wynd, Quarter, Hamilton, Ml3 7XD ps if you need some money for postage let me know.
    Given me a call mate every thing is settleing down and i should be able to come out with you just name the place and i will meet you no probs. RAB
    Hi Colin, Payback time for the wild boar ha ha, same here mate i'm loaded as well, my mrs says it's the man flu i've got, a good start to the new year for both of us then. Atb Robert.
    hi robert
    i had hoped to get out a walk with you before now
    but think i have got the bloody swine flu
    Tam will talk to you in the new year regards your Lev 2 i have been to drunk to chat just on here Abuseing some of the chaps ha ha
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