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  1. Word association game for the bored.

    Chubby Brown
  2. Idaho Boy is going home, thanks for the fun boys and girls!

    I’ve visited many US states, but I think the only time in Idaho was a trip from Salt Lake City. Your list makes perfect sense - not just in going home but also why the US is such a wonderful country. Safe travels, and remember your hunting brothers here in the UK.
  3. antler dog chews

    Bob If he’s local to us (Hampshire/Wilts/Berkshire/Oxon) I’ll happily donate some in exchange for a chance to take some photos of the team of huskies ;) If he’s not, I’ll donate it anyway.
  4. antler dog chews

    Bob No worries. If your friend is still interested let me know :thumb:
  5. antler dog chews

    Bob Wasn't the vets opinion to avoid these if possible, owing the rise of slab fractures? I have lots of antler in the garage, but personally I wouldn't use it for animal chews. If you want some, however, just say.
  6. Lockdown & Loft Find Project

    I am guessing when you crank that up to 11 there will be a majority of the members on here complaining about the noise! 😎 Looks fantastic - you must be delighted with the result :tiphat:
  7. More Lewis salmon fishing

    As time moves on I find myself coming more and more to that same frame of mind - in many ways if I never caught another fish or had to shoot another deer I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. I have to confess that, these days, taking a good photo of a deer with the camera gives me way more...
  8. Beginners air rifle

    Best not to let Bambi fans know that author of the book is also widely acknowledged to have gone on to write pornography!
  9. More Lewis salmon fishing

    100 in a season is amazing.....220 simply astonishing! When the conditions were good I think the best we managed was 27 for the week - and that was perhaps across 4 or 5 rods. I think when you have just a week or two at most to fish you tend to fish hard, and perhaps to the exclusion of...
  10. Are we heading for another "Full Lock Down"?

    This. I have been to Russia many times. The days of supermarkets filled with empty shelves, or just one or two products, are long gone. In my experience their people are as well, if not better, educated than here. Certainly this is the case with the young, although you do tend to find you...
  11. Word association game for the bored.

  12. Word association game for the bored.

  13. WAITROSE stance on Lead !!!!

    There is already another thread on this.
  14. Poncho.

    How about doing a search for “Loden Wetterfleck”.
  15. More Lewis salmon fishing

    As you say, what could be better! Mrs Gunn has asked me how come you seem to catch so many fish??