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    Thank you very much everyone!:tiphat: We can use my PayPal account for this (rhiantyne2002@gmail.com). It's only got £1 in it at the...
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    Gentlemen, if I could just have your attention please! As you will have seen from the last few posts in the relevant classified ad...
  • Reloading is for people who have no friends - neck turning is for people who will never have friends. Reloading is expensive. Reloading...
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    Similar vein, was surprised when I cut a disc out of the base of a 6-pt Sika skull just how thick it was - 15mm:oops:
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    Found this hole in the back of the skull after boiling out a cracking muntjac buck - my take was it was probably a genetic/birth defect...
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  • Er, for a Blaser, or the owner? Asking for a friend🤣
  • That’s actually a butt plug
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    No experience of claims but I recently saved a lot of money by separating my high value guns, thermals, binos, etc from the household...
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    Don’t fret! Thankfully, I’m in full remission following a NET cancer which mercifully announced its presence in my appendix by bursting...
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    I don't think you'll get a definitive answer. However, it is NOT a relevant medical condition in terms of the FAC/SGC application and...
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    Make sure the action screws are done up tight on the bottom of the rifle I had a problem with mine and this was all it was
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    Spot the target reminder:cool:
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    what tree! she wants to be careful if she turns sharply she might get a puncture.
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    Alternatively cut into strips and pan fry with onions, sliced mushrooms and deglaze with some port, and then put in a fresh crusty roll...
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    One of the perks of doing your own butchery. My wife doesn't even know they exist :lol: