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  4. Could I have some of your views please?

    Agree with 375 Mag However i have an agreement with some fellow stalkers if either of our dogs bite or need putting down we will not be wasting £200 for a vet to do this. We will take the dog to put down out for a nice walk in a field away from anyone and a place that we have permission to...
  5. Sharpen a Gut Hook?

    you need a slipstone used for sharpening gouges for woodturning etc
  6. High seat query

    Here's a design i'm thinking of..
  7. Hunting Lodges

    Does anyone know of any hunting / shooting lodges around the country for hire for weekend / week etc for approx 3-6 guys. Shooting permission isn't absolutely necessary only a bonus. gas and electricity are not preferred just basically a lodge in the middle of nowhere for a camp fire , bang...
  8. overseas exporting

    hmm apparently the only way to take a gun to NZ is dealer to dealer so i'm told. i thought there could have been a cheaper way to do it ie a uk temporary license etc , or i take the gun to heathrow , make arrangements at NZ end for handing over the gun to my cousin.
  9. overseas exporting

    I have a cousin who now lives in NZ who wishes to take a firearm back home. the gun currently is here in the uk am i right in thinking it just requires a visitors permit for the uk ? once he gets it to the airport his license from NZ takes care of the rest? Xim
  10. Up close and personal

    a great write up, felt as if i was there :D
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  15. KFC rabbit

    KFC rabbit

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