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  1. Food for thought ….

  2. Is climate change caused by the UN?

    For a paradigm shift to happen within a population there must be evidence in your face all the time and now that the climate has shifted so much, e.g. we've keep getting reports of "hottest ever temperature ever recorded" every single year, we hear about wild fires being the worst they've ever...
  3. Is climate change caused by the UN?

    If you don't believe in climate change (or believe that it is natural) you are truly living in a different world.
  4. Sold: BRNO MOD 2 Rear sight assembly.

    The parts I am looking for are numbers 8 and 9, can either be from a BRNO or CZ 452, I think. Will buy whole assembly if not willing to part out.
  5. Sold: BRNO MOD 2 Rear sight assembly.

    Fairly sure yes
  6. Sold: BRNO MOD 2 Rear sight assembly.

    I am only missing the actual blade of the sight but thought it might be easier buying the whole thing instead.
  7. Avon and Somerset variation time

    Anyone got an idea of how long its taking now? The best I've ever had from them is about 5 weeks.
  8. Which pickup

    Well what do you need it for? Different needs means different options.
  9. Replacing a rifle

    Most common calibres are rather easy to justify I've found, I had a 22lr first and got a 17hmr by saying I wanted something to be able to shoot to 150 yards easily, I got another couple 22lrs by saying I wanted one with a short barrel, one with a night vision scope, a semi auto one for when...
  10. Considering something to bash my gong.

    Depends how often you're going to be shooting, if own land/have access to land you can shoot on frequently and you're out shooting steel every weekend (or more!!) I'd say stick with something you can reliably and economically feed, .223 is good but .308 isn't too expensive either (my 308 loves...
  11. Replacing a rifle

    I change my variations all the time when they are in, not sure about 1-4-1 though, might have to write them a cheque.
  12. 300 BLK for fox

    300 BLK is fine for foxes (great supressed) you'll probably get it granted but I've found it rather loopy, if you'd really really like one then dont do a 1-4-1 and just add it to your certificate as I found it a PITA when a fox is >150 yards and you cant just point and shoot like a .223 (if...
  13. Avon and Somerset variation time

    Dont even expect it to come back right, did a change of address recently and they forgot a gun and so I sent it back to get it on my FAC, took them 3 weeks just to add a gun that was already on my license and was their mistake.
  14. Buying a Quad Bike Privately

    Check the quads provenance with the owner, log book, is it road registered, is the quad registered to the owner (ask for ID), even just ask for photos of the quad being used by them (I doubt people keep stolen quads around for too long). Also yes, buy a Honda, it'll out live you.
  15. 223 Varmint Bullet recommendations

    55gr vmaxs over 24.2 grains of imr 4166, easily sub MOA
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