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  1. Copper performance

    I do like the Barnes bullets - use them for all deer now. What sort of velocity do you get in the 6.5x55?
  2. Waist stalking bag

    These are very good - well made from tough material and way more practical than a full size roe sack. Only thing I would change is the belt buckle to a roll pin style, but that is personal preference (lockdown physique).
  3. Best Stalking Jacket

    Which hilltrek did you go for? Have a double ventile smock on order ATM.
  4. From Denmark

    Hi Jerrik, Welcome to the site. I work for a Danish company and prior to lockdown used to visit quite regularly. Great food 👍 Have seen some big groups leaving the airport on hunting trips. Is rifle shooting quite popular? Best, Mike
  5. Things you wouldn’t shoot....

    Whale is quite tasty if you had some friends (a small town) to share with :-)
  6. How did you come up with your SD name?

    I was young when I joined SD and I use a gun to stalk deer.
  7. Best wireless CCTV

    Have a good look into/read about some of the subprocess/companies that sit behind products like ring. Make sure you are confident/happy with the data that is being collected and what is being done with it. Quite a lot in the news in January/February this year.
  8. .308 Barnes TTSX thoughts/experience

    If you paid 24 quid a box that is a real bargain - that is about half what they normally retail at. Normally use them in home loads, but recently had to buy some factory as land dictated. As advised, stay light for calibre and quick and they work great.
  9. knife sharpener

    Whetstone if I have taken lumps out the blade, steel/rapid steel for touching up and a couple of stropes if scary sharp is needed (the latter all bought off here).
  10. Favorite dinner after a cold day hunting

    Grilled heart if I have been successful 😅
  11. Swarzi thar Liking the look of this - anybody had any experience?
  12. Swarzi thar

    Thanks mungo - will bear those two in mind.
  13. Swarzi thar

    Hi Mungo, I already have the old and new style swandri. What other designs do you rate? TIA
  14. Swarzi thar

    Gents, I have some of their light weight gear and trousers. Interested in your thoughts on investing in the big anorak?
  15. Wanted: Barnes TTSX

    Message them as have had that in the past and they had stock.