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  1. Returning to hunting after 20 years living in the big smoke

    Welcome to the site from a fellow Londoner.
  2. Available: Free stalk

    Excellent offer - please add me to the list.
  3. Stalking/hunting in Denmark

    Thanks for the response Bryan - I will have a look at outfitters.
  4. Copper 308 load

    I use the 130gn TTSX in a 30-06 and have found them pretty good on reds to muntjac. I got best results push them at the higher end of the velocity range and loaded to the length in the published data. Data is published freely online by Barnes.
  5. Stalking/hunting in Denmark

    I was wondering if anyone had any experience or recommendations for hunting in Denmark. I will likely be visiting next year and wanted to know if there were any opportunities that I could look into. Thanks in advance - Mike
  6. Defrosting - Mincing - Refreezing - Opinions?

    I quite oftem make sausages like this. As previously mentioned, keep it as close to frozen as your mincer with get through and keep all your kit cold. I haven't killed anyone yet, so gets my vote.
  7. .308 bullet choice

    I personally use 130gr barnes ttsx - have worked well for me at "normal" UK ranges from munties to reds. Driven at about 3000-3100 they are pretty flat shooting and terminal performance has been good to date.
  8. .223 for Muntjac

    Good advice - small animal that is normally on the move and smaller than average vital zone. You might need to take angled shots and a projectile that holds together is going to help.
  9. Sold: Brattonsound Rifle cabinet.

    No worries at all. I have PM's you.
  10. Heavier "plastic" stock for a tikka t3x options?

    I have a bell and carlson medalist on mine. Can't fault it personally - a lot less than Macmillan especially if you can get it from the states.
  11. first fallow buck for me :)

    Sausage recipe please!
  12. Sold: Brattonsound Rifle cabinet.

    Still keen if this is still available.
  13. Sold: Brattonsound Rifle cabinet.

    Where are you mate ? Looking for a locking top ATM. Mike
  14. .375 H&H for driven boar

    I bought privi and shot them on the range for practice and for the cases. Then load with Barnes ttsx for big stuff (livens normally have stock) or Sierra heads (from Henry krank) for the smaller stuff.