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  1. New barrel break in

    Does a barrel actually need some kind of special "breaking in" routine? I'd say just zero it and go and shoot some deer. Each barrel is different. The match grade quality from a well known manufacturer-probably not, but not all those fitted are match grade - ie they have tool marks. And thats...
  2. Culling contractors

    Forum rules: pictures and prices for items for sale !
  3. For Sale: Sauer 202 6.5x55 sale or swap

    FEOs tend to like switch barrel systems - in the words of mine ‘only one can ever be used at a time’.... you get the drift. I dont know how the sauer barrels are fitted- pin/hex bolt or threaded. If threaded, acquire an action wrench and a barrel vise, very useful and saves trips to gunsmiths.
  4. New barrel break in
  5. New barrel break in

    And for this reason you must superclean after proof.... If only you were able to run it in before sending to these chaps ....
  6. New barrel break in

    It really depends on type of barrel and the ‘cut’ when chambering. All that ‘breaking in’is, to maximise accurate barrel life by reducing severe copper build up, caused when ‘smoothing off’ the tool marks which cause more copper to be deposited than when its had a few down it. Thats why you...
  7. Lightweight foxing rifle. Looking for ideas.

    Fultons of Bisley have a very nice left hand stainless T3 in their window. I couldnt quite see calibre on ticket as I was in a rush, but its likely a 223 or a 308 if they have it. You could always rebarrel a 308 tikka to 22-250. A perfect fox calibre!
  8. Sako Foxer

    Beautiful rifle.
  9. For Sale: Binocular Packs from Alaska Guide Creations

    Which model/size would you recommend for 8x56 ?
  10. DSC 2 options

    Whichever organisation you choose to go with, will have a complete list Of DMQ AWs for your area. There should be plenty in Oxfordshire and the neighbouring counties.
  11. For Sale: Lapua Cases & Reloading Dies

    6mmBR isnt odd !
  12. Culling contractors

    You can’t blame anyone for taking the money? Are you for real? Depends on their circumstances Id have thought. I only know of one person approached, a Royal Marine leaving the service. Had never shot a deer in his life. Was going to be ‘given on the job training’ and being paid by his...
  13. For Sale: Panther Portable High Seat

    Please send link and pics to address in PM
  14. For Sale: Panther Portable High Seat

    I PMd you on tuesday evening
  15. Best Stalking/Rough Shoot Boots

    Meindl kansas gtx, had for 7 yrs and have worn them every single day of the year twice in that period. Lining is now split and the rubber at the front is lifting, still waterproof and easily the most comfortable boots Ive owned. Altberg defender are ok, AKUs are far superior for general wear...
  16. French at it again 😡

    Ye can do that anyway, anytime ye want. If it were to happen as a result of what you mentioned it would just mean more French power for us if and when we needed it and of course we would return the favour to our European allies anytime they needed it. Quite, but the majority of members here are...
  17. For Sale: Various Bullets Items Added

    Ill take the sierra 85gn if you still have them
  18. Generators installed to Power Cop26 fleet

    Dont you mean Mrs Johnson takes a pounding to keep the ozone layer in top nick ?
  19. Sold: Maserin 3 blade knife

    If WVM doesnt have it please let me know. Cheers
Stoney Creek - Purpose Built Shooting Clothing