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Leica Amplus 6
  1. For Sale: Sierra 20cal 39gr Blitzking

    I believe £70 is correct, Steve. I hope all is well with you, I check up on you from time to time via Mr Ripley! I'll transfer the money over today. All best wishes, Mike
  2. For Sale: Sierra 20cal 39gr Blitzking

    200 for me if poss.
  3. CZ 527

    As a matter of interest, I have a pretty old 527 in 22 Hornet but can't get the standard Picatinny rail to fit, it just won't slide over the dovetails. I had an up to date 527 and had no problem fitting the pic rail to that one. has anyone else come across this?
  4. 18650 charger

    Nitecore for me too!
  5. What really gets your goat?

    The crap state the world is in largely due to overpopulation, yet no one seems to have the guts to bring in some way to limit the number of children people have. I would have thought that two per family would have been enough yet I see those who produce five or six kids. It really baffles me!
  6. Another nice video from Jonny and co.

    Bit of a tit really!
  7. older greener 12g single

    As a lad, a Greener GP was the first new gun I ever bought. Utterly reliable although when cartridges went plastic it sometimes needed a bit of help ejecting them! The farmer next door has one that I suspect has never been cleaned, baler cord for a sling and he still shoots with it. Mine and...
  8. Best hunting rifle for women?

    I second an earlier post suggesting a trip from Wilts to Somerset to visit Steve Beaty at Ivythiorn on the Somerset levels. You'll get honest sound advice with no sales pressure. There's a wide range of rifles and a range to try them on. If you google Ivythorn Guns for sale, you could see what...
  9. Shooting Times Magazine

    He has nothing to do with ST
  10. Shooting Times Magazine

    Totally agree, it's a shadow of its former self! As a lad, like others, I couldn't wait to get the ST every week. I think the idea was for ST to become an all-round shooting paper incorporating rifles and shotgun shooting, in this, it has failed. The editor is clearly biased towards shot6guns...
  11. Foxing on land unsuitable for centrefire?

    I've just dealt with a severs fox problem around a smallholders yard. Foxes were shot at ranges from 12 to 30 yards with a 22LR. First priority is that backstops need to be sorted. You can bait against a couple of sandbags if nothing is suitable already. If you have a trail camera set it up so...
  12. How Aussies deal with Vegans

    So you are actually upside down in Au8stralia!!!!!
  13. .17 Hornet.

    I've had CZ 17Hornet and as stated above it was a very accurate, fun rifle. It depends a bit on what you want it for. It can be pretty devastating on small vermin such as crows (good) and rabbits (not so good). Not really a foxing calibre although at sensible ranges and with good shot placement...
  14. Petrol Panic Buying Observations

    You're right DD. Thankfully, things are returning to "normaL" down here!
  15. Perfect rifle combo?!

    Cheeky! Why would I need any "real" guns?
  16. Perfect rifle combo?!

    12ft-lbs .22 Air FAC Air .22 .22LR 17HMR 204Ruger 22Hornet 243Win HW44 Air pistol All have their specific uses
  17. Petrol Panic Buying Observations

    Went to Sainburys this AM for my fortnightly shop prepared to queue for diesel. only four cars in the forecourt, all pumps working a delivery this morning early. I filled up the Hilux then did the shopping. No shortage of anything, the carbon dioxide thing, no coke or fizzy drinks seems to have...
  18. Dog Insurance

    Not for me, but a good friend has just acquired a whippet pup and will be looking to insure it when the KC insurance runs out in a month. Does anyone on here have any recommendations, please?
  19. Help with chicken sex.

    Tail feathers would definitely suggest a cock bird
  20. Shooting free hand

    Nice to know someone else has an old Cadet still in use. I still use mine occasionally and realise just how far air rifles have come!
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