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  1. Teckel pups ready now

    you are certainly going down the right route ! too many people do it the other way round and end up wasting a good dog. Good luck.
  2. Teckel pups ready now

    I will be perfectly honest with you on this one, over the years I have found it makes little difference whether you have the dog from a pup. The most important thing I have found is that you must actually like the dog, whatever the age. I have had dogs in from pups to two or three years for...
  3. Teckel pups ready now

    Thanks, they are certainly full of life ! trouble is they are starting to show their working sides now and spend most of the day shaking the living daylights out of each other ! As stated I only have two bitches left, I only had one dog and I could have sold 5-6 dogs ! very strange. I am...
  4. Teckel pups ready now

    I have two bitch Teckel pups left for sale, KC reg, from imported parents. check out Darswed Teckel web site for more information. Ready now.
  5. links ?

    How about a place for members links other sites , dogs , equipment, etc, ect, anything that members may find interesting ? or are there enough sections as it is ?
  6. Hannoverscher Schweisshund pups

    First ? UK litter of pure bred Hannoverscher Schweisshund pups. ( Hanovarians ) NOT Bavarians or crosses . The bitch is a German import and worked daily with deer. The dog is well known for producing Hanovarian x Bavarians. The Pups where bred by a full time professional stalker and are...
  7. Medal Heads?

    Is there any evidence that antler size determines whether a Roe buck has prime location ? or is it body size ? the biggest buck I have shot had a poor head but huge body, in a fight I imagine body size will count.
  8. Rut

    I was out yesterday ( Northumberland/Borders ) and saw a Roe buck mounting a doe, and obviously rutting, what is the latest any one has seen rutting ?
  9. Nest Predation.

    I recall about sheep eating young grouse, but can not remember where I read it.
  10. Medal Heads?

    I am convinced medal heads has a lot to do with genetics, some grounds are renowned for medal heads ( passed on by genes ? ) and other seemingly good grounds never produce any.
  11. Beddlington terrier

    Not wanting to sound clever or anything, but Bedlington has only one D .
  12. New member

    Hello to everyone, just thought I would say hello, I am in and from Northumberland and have been stalking in Northumberland/borders region and Scotland for over twenty years. I have a keen interest in dogs and have had working cockers for many years. But I am now starting with Teckels. Any one...
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