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BRACES of Bristol - Dark Fox Package, Mauser M12, LIEMKE Thermal Scope, Wildcat Mod
  1. Is a bipod really needed?

    Depends where you are shooting and at what range. Only ever use one on the hill but never use one woodland stalking.
  2. Bullet choice

    Yes I wondered who dug this one up lol Since then I gave up reloading and sold all my kit. I now just use factory ammo and go stalking. That post was a couple of hundred deer ago, how time flies...
  3. Roe deer head measuring

    Thanks, but I was referring to the Shooting Times list Tony, not the CIC list.
  4. Roe deer head measuring

    'Other species' aren't in this weeks Shooting Times either Jon - in case you were headed out to WH Smiffs for a look
  5. Roe deer head measuring

    I know the feeling, I shot my best muntjac ever so was looking forward to seeing it given pride of place but it never made it. CIC had it in their 2019 rankings, but despite being submitted in plenty of time it didn't make it into Shooting Times last year. Shooting Times aren't that fussed about...
  6. Tier 4 Entire Scotland ? Or ask Sharon on facebook :rolleyes:
  7. CWD Taxidermist

    In which case I think you have been extremely unlucky, Claire has mounted 2 muntjac for me and the work was outstanding - both were on her website last time I looked
  8. Got a Muntjac this morning... and maybe a medal?

    Nice buck well done. If you wait 4 weeks you can get CIC to score it officially, be interesting to see how he does.
  9. New to stalking

    Look beyond just shooting a deer as well, I paid to go out with very experienced stalkers before I got my rifle, and learnt far more listening to and watching them than you can get from YouTube etc.
  10. Trailcam experiment

    I still look forward to getting the cards out of trailcams, you just never really know what you are going to find Nice clear pictures I only have the Chinese ones that are kinda OK but struggle in some light
  11. Roughly how many Deer do you shoot a year?

    I have read all of it this but from what I have read it's interesting and refreshing for people to be completely honest about how few they shoot, I was kind of expecting the opposite. I've only ever been a recreational stalker, and if I am honest stalking is way down my list of hobbies, although...
  12. Look at the picture... Thoughts?

    He is out stalking when we all know he would be far be far better off on his laptop or phone on the internet.
  13. Dead chuffed with this muntjac buck

    I must give calling another go, not matter how many times I have tried it only seems to have opposite effect, and yet I know people who swear by it...
  14. Boar tusk measuring

    Hopefully you already know this but you need to back fill boar tusks, I used candle wax in mine. Apparently they can crumble over time if you don't. As stated you can post them off to CIC who will measure them for you.
  15. Shield recommendations

    Could you just run a tape measure over the shield please WF1? I am in Bucks (no pun) I will pay postage plus whatever you want for it if it suitable. This is the head, sadly missing it’s nose
  16. Shield recommendations

    The Bushwear one is 14" x 6" bit too big, this is just the skull + medal - I'll keep looking
  17. Shield recommendations

    Thanks both, I have had a look at the Bushwear looks good just need to check the size, as this is for a Muntjac, I'll do a search as well...
  18. Shield recommendations

    Just wondering if anyone has a recommendation for where to buy a shield to mount a skull + a medal? Plan is to the mount the skull and embed the medal into the shield underneath it - if possible. I've bought he standard shields off eBay in the past and found them to be fine, but can't see...
  19. Times article.

    I think it's an urban myth. I live in muntjac central and we also have loads of bluebells round here and I have never seen them showing any interest in them.
  20. And then they all come at once...

    The quietness is going to result in many changes, including wildlife, as and when we get back to it they will be well rested for sure. On my 'one walk' yesterday evening I saw a Heron and a Little Egret happily fishing in our local stream, not something you often see.
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