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  1. What vehicle do you use for stalking or management?

    I did all the prep work, and installed the floor bearers and marine ply base, the welding of the chequer plate was outwith my limited skills. If you PM me your email address I'll send more pics and detail should you be interested. The pics are too large for the site posting.
  2. Sold: Swarovski CTC 30x75 Spotting Scope

    The scope is now SOLD pending receipt of funds. Thanks to all who looked and showed interest.
  3. Bells views on Small Bores and Homogeneous Monel metal bullets

    Fascinating thoughts and experiences from nearly 70 years ago, it might be of interest to the modern detractors of monometal bullets.
  4. Mauser Stalker

    Lovely and so fit for purpose. Ronin does it again !
  5. What vehicle do you use for stalking or management?

    I'm on my second Jimny , 7 years old, 25K Miles, it does what it says on the box. Removed rear seats, put a marine ply floor in, lined with chequer plate. 1" spacers on the hubs, BFG AT tyres, I can get 2 Fallow prickets in it, but big bucks .... only one. ( Call for help with transport if...
  6. Venison Picanha

    Works well with fallow and you get the mentioned rind of fat, great eating ! I often make Chef Mike Robinsons red wine/port jus to go with it, quick, easy .......delicious!
  7. Sold: Swarovski CTC 30x75 Spotting Scope

    BUMP Price reduction £570
  8. Sold: Swarovski CTC 30x75 Spotting Scope

    Very Good Condition Swaro Draw Scope, 30 x fixed magnification, lightweight, easy to use. Includes lens covers and carry strap. Full description on the Swarovski UK web site: £570 includes RMSD...
  9. Casstrom no. 7 field saw leather pouch

    Kydex ? Stewart Mitchell has a great contact, or speak to Guy Stainthorpe, he makes his own very nicely. Bonus is that it will go in the dishwasher when it gets messy.
  10. For Sale: Nosler 7mm Bullets

    Back for sale. 2 boxes 7mm Nosler Hunting BT 120 Grain (50/box) - £25 per box 1 box 7mm Nosler Partition 150 Grain (50/box) £35 per box Postage RMSD @ £5 per box. Thanks for looking T260
  11. Sold: Fallkniven PHK

    Thanks everyone for looking, the knife has gone to the first responder. Maybe I offered it too cheaply? BUT ....... If it is useful to the purchaser , then I'm a happy Chappy.
  12. Sold: Fox Perser knife

    You won't regret having a knife from Guy....... he is a brilliant and receptive craftsman.
  13. Sold: Fallkniven PHK

    As per title : Fallkniven PHK with zytel sheath, little used but not abused, everything said about this knife is true, however I am selling it on to someone who will use it as I haven't since close to 10 years ago. Serial Number is # 0793. I looking for £150 including RMSD if there is any...
  14. For Sale: Bullet Clearout

    Just replied , I've been out all day with Stalking Clients. Best Regards Peter
  15. For Sale: Bullet Clearout

    Midhurst area.
  16. Sold: Knobloc Tripod Sticks - Speedlock model

    Now sold, and thanks to everyone who looked.
  17. Sold: Knobloc Tripod Sticks - Speedlock model

    Thanks for the heads up, always appreciated. The sticks are provisionally sold, awaiting transfer of funds.
  18. Sold: Knobloc Tripod Sticks - Speedlock model

    Hi All As I have moved to using quad sticks, I have no further use for a set of Knobloc Tripod Sticks, which have the Speedlock cam locking system. The sticks have been little used and in very good condition. Available for £90 including postage by RMSD. Thanks for looking.
  19. For Sale: Bullet Clearout

    Hi All I'm clearing out long held bullet stocks and so the following are for sale. 100 - (2 box) - Nosler Ballistic Tip 6.5mm x 120 Gn. £30 per box (50) SOLD 150 - (3 box) - Nosler Accubond 7.0 mm x 160 Gn. £40 per box (50)SOLD 200 - (2 box) - Sierra Game King 6.5mm x 130 Gn. £40 per box...
  20. Muntjac Canine Teeth

    Thank You for your assistance, We'll be doing likewise as most of the management Muntjac and cull roe buck skulls are discarded by us. If you come up with any it must be worth a drink at the very least. ATB Peter
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