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BRACES of Bristol - Dark Fox Package, Mauser M12, LIEMKE Thermal Scope, Wildcat Mod
  1. doctor opticks scopes

    has any one any idear where i can get a doctor optick scope sorted looses zero local gun shop does not know so any advice world be gratefull cheers MUDDY
  2. be warned

    went out side to get some thing out of the truck just before dinner , allot of leaves on the road but none at the back of truck NAVARA 4 door pick up .some thieving toe rag had smashed the chain holding the spare wheel and tyre and nicked it . went into market harborough and there was another...
  3. sauer 202 barrels

    i am looking for a replacement barrel for boar to fit on a 202, the barrel is 25 06 at the moment whats out there and how much any information would be gratefully received
  4. wanted sako mounts 75 or A11

    i am looking for mounts for sako 75 or A11 actions to mount a weaver rail to put night vision scope on to rifle . where can i get one from or it may be two mounts i dont know advice needed please many thanks in anticipation MUDDY
  5. metal bullet, bolt box lockerble for airline travel

    i am in need of a metal ammo box airline approved for about 60 bullets and 2 bolts must be lockerble either combo locks or padlock or both preferably can any body help either one to sell or a supplier of these items cheers muddy
  6. 25 06 loads wanted

    could any of you who use a 25 please give me your recommended loads for 117 or 120 grain heads . I have some RELOADER 22 in stock and also some H 4831 sc in stock these seem to be the most common powders but would be grateful for any information on these or any other powder you may use with...
  7. stickers tee shirts or fleeces

    is any body on the sight any nearer to getting any done as i feel after this last week end in kent they will sell rather well and will be worn with pride around the country shows and people will be able to introduce them selves to other member who would just walk by and not be noticed in the...
  8. Ellie with her first buck. week end in wiltshire

    Ellie's first buck. Wilkshire weekend.
  9. roe sacks

    has any body seen ore used maybe even own a YOOL roe sack from bushwear would be interested in comments on one how big what can you get in one ect MUDDY
  10. May 17th clay shoot prize.

    Here is the prize for the clay shoot on May 17th at Greenfield clay ground, Kent. A bottle of Lock Fyne whisky and whisky tumbler from Inverary, Argyll. Specially labeled for the day.
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