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  1. swarozski warranty

    Heres a question.. Ive spent an hour going through all my scopes paperwork and googling. Ive a chap intetested in my Z3 for sale, but he has asked is the warranty transfersble?? I dont know and Im struggling to gind an answer!!! Ive read a few stories of lads who have sent scopes for service and...
  2. reloader 15

    Anybody using this in their 308 with 150grn bullets? Im using varget at the moment and getting good results. Currently Im about to go onto a new tub which Im sitiing on. So I either continue with the varget or sell my varget and change now. Nutty
  3. Equipment, gear

    Ok now that I see things in a different light and Im begining to understand. What would be the minimum recomended gear needed to train a dog to foot/ blood scent? Would I be correct in thinking..... Scent shoes or similar?? Collar/ harness Tracking rope Perhaps a little btle for blood...
  4. A public thanks.

    A week or so ago I started a thread about Rifle Basix triggers. I was planning on buying a Jewel trigger from a member on here, but very hard times have fallen on myself and my house. So I was looking at cheaper options and the Rifle Basix ticked the boxes. It was then I recieved a pm offering...
  5. The wifes had a hard lesson tonight.

    Liz took the wire out for its nightly walk tonight. All went well as usual. Back home open the gate, close gate let him off the leash for a quick run round the garden. Then it all went wrong. I heard a shout "JOHN" I just knew what was up. I went out the front door to see a pair of hunters and.a...
  6. rifle basix triggers

    Ive been wanting to replace the trigger in my winchester for a bit now. I would prefer a jewel but un-fortunately things are not going to plan. Now rifle basix are only £75 which appeals at the moment. Anybody use 1 and what are they like?? Cheers Nutty
  7. The wife and Nutty have become ex's...

    EX SMOKERS that is..:D Our medical records have officially been amended to reflect this.... Nutty
  8. Aaaaghhhh

    Ive not smoked for over 6 weeks as both the wife and I are trying to save up for a trip to Africa with Nduna safaris. In the last 6 weeks Ive lost my mum. Thats probably got to have been the worst time in my life, but yet I managed to stay focused and didnt smoke. But today has got to be the...
  9. drop in fps

    Last weekend I popped out and zerod my 308 with its new scope. Over the chrono a 5 shot string averaged 2750 fps there was a 40fps spread over the 5 shots lowest 2725, 2734, 2752,2763, highest 2765. That was a 150 gameking with 45 grns varget. I also tried 45.5 and 46grn loads. Now the 45.5 shot...
  10. rcbs dies

    Now heres 1 for you all.... I have been given a set of rcbs dies for my 308. Now following the intructions I ran 100 once fired sako cases through the f/l sizer. Now I did this before I had my rifle. Now on getting the rifle Ive tried the brass and f me it wont fit. My mate has been over for...
  11. my coyote has arrived

    Back at the Stalking fair I saw a Winchester coyote 308. And after alot of huming and hawing I decided to let my beloved 25-06 go to free up space for it. I sourced it from Brock and Norris. Mike has shortened the barrel, re-crowned, done the trigger and worked a load up for it in the price on...
  12. brass cleaning

    Normally I use a citric acid solution to clean my brass. But after being spoiled and having had some tumblef Im not too happy about my results this time. Now I cant justify the cost of a tumbler as it would only be used perhaps once a year. Ive been looking at ultra sonic cleaners on ebay but Im...
  13. Rugby 101

    Enjoy the finer points of the game. nutty
  14. one for a friend

    What are the virtues of a 25-06 over a 243??? Ive spoken my reasons and reckonings. Over to you..Nutty
  15. rcbs decapper pin

    Ive just been trying to set up a RCBS f/l sizer die. Now I wasnt getting the shoulders back far enough on the once fired brass I was given. So I screwed the decapper pin up and carefully and slowly turned the die in little bits at a time to get the result I was looking for. Once I was happy with...
  16. any ideas for this leather sheath

    Ive dug out my late fathers knife, now I want to use it but!! Its a tad slack for holding the knife and I would like a better belt loop design.... A huge bonus would be using the original sheath and improving it. Any suggestions? nutty
  17. gwps

    Lads when do GWPs stop growing???? I think mine should be a GW Monster... lol 7 months 9 months nutty
  18. Just had a sobering thought...

    Im out tomorrow on my syndicate ground for a crack at the Bucks.... Great Im looking forward to it but... Its just dawned on me Ive never seen a buck in velvet.. Looks like Ive slot of ground to covrr to try and find 1.. Nutty
  19. Mmm the brains been doing over time

    Ok with my pending new arrival from Brock and Norris Ive been deliberating over bullet choice. Now Ive used co-polymer tipped offerings from Nosler and Hornady, soft points from , speer, Hornady and Sierra in the past and really couldnt fault any of them. Now the new rifle is a 20" barrelled...
  20. Just wondering

    Are there any 280AI users amoungst us or does anybody know about the calibre?? Ive been looking at kimber rifles and they offer the chambering. I know its a 30-06 necked down to accept 6.5mm. Im a fan of the 25-06 and was wondering what it was like as a stalking calibre. Nutty
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