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  1. Sold: schmidt and bender PM11 3-12 X 50

    scope for sale 3-12 x50 PM11 in excellent condition , very (i do mean very) slight signs of use surplus to requirements now P3 reticule (mildot) double turn turret goes to 55 minutes of angle not been on a rifle for the last year mounts and scope cap included £1100
  2. For Sale: photon RT 6x50s

    photon RT 6 x 50S been on my 17hmr for 12 months only been out of cabinet 5 times great condition everything as it came in the box , mounts not included £400
  3. The reason we stalk

    Had a mate over for the weekend stalking and I chose to not take a rifle much to his annoyance went out sat eve and decided on a rarely used high seat due to the unusual wind direction. From before we got to the seat there were deer all evening we had deer in view although the bucks Wouldn’t...
  4. For Sale: mossberg .410 hushpower

    mossberg .410 hushpower wooden stocked one , just don't use it anymore £350 collected or you pay RFD
  5. Sold: .22 cal bullet heads

    500 Hornady .224 52 gr BTHP 100 50 gr vmax moly coated £100
  6. Wanted: sako optilok bases and 1" rings

    anyone got any for sale
  7. For Sale: mossberg hushpower .401

    mossberg hushpower .410 good condition , hardly used since I bought it selling as I need the cabinet room £400
  8. For Sale: Swarovski PV 6x24x50

    Swarovski PV 6x24x50 mint condition TDS-4 reticle, 30 mm tube, original box, bikini covers and butler creeks covers, sun shade,manual not a mark on it. Only reason I’m selling it for has been replaced with a dedicated night vision £850 includes post and insurance SOLD
  9. For Sale: armasight drone pro

    10x model 2 years old used but not much selling as moved onto thermal comes with original IR all the fittings and box from new simply the best digital NV around I just don't use it anymore P.S. for the numpties the rifle doesn't come with it SOLD
  10. For Sale: 243 AI reloading dies

    .243AI dies RCBS.243 Ack Imp 40 F L die set £55 posted
  11. For Sale: 243 AI cases

    112 lapua cases some once fired but mainly twice fired and 60 various all fire formed to 243AI £25 collected or plus postage
  12. louise's first pigeon

    had a walk around with my daughter , first time she has shot real quarry
  13. First trip with solway stalker

    just back from my first ,but not last trip with Colin had a great time hard work but enjoyable For those of you who have been with him you know what I am talking about , those of you who haven't GO and find out for yourself you wont regret it Thanks Colin see you soon
  14. Wanted: chiller

    anyone know where to get one in the Yorkshire area, or ideas on how to build my own cheers
  15. alladins feet

    I've heard of these but never seen one in the flesh before
  16. roof mounted lamp

    I had my heart set on a light force unit and had one bought so set about devising a mount to go on the roof so I didn't have to drill it, the vendor has now given backword so I thought as im making the mounting system why not make the swivel bit as well Has anyone made one the swivel bit would...
  17. An Odd Buck

    Shot this one recently, acting normally not limping ,it was obviously an old buck but very big in the body, the lump on the liver is a tumour but there were no other tumours or sign of disease. We couldn't work out whether the leg was broken or a birth defect
  18. any last requests

    saw this on the net just thought it was funny
  19. rifle mounted lamp

    Anybody got, seen or made a lamp which can be carried around and lamped with by hand and then quickly (easily and quietly) be attached to the rifle to take the shot, for single handed lamping
  20. Civilised fixing

    Got a call from one of the farms I look after at 7pm on Saturday just as I was sitting down for tea the farmer had had 3 hens taken that afternoon . I didn't really fancy lampung but as the only option was x factor I said I'd be there within the hour. I left home at 7.35 10 minutes to the farm...
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