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  1. Good Factory Copper .308 Round

    The time has finally arrived when I am going to have to take the plunge and move to copper. I am on a Tikka T3 in .308 that whilst generally pretty forgiving of most makers offerings seems to prefer something on the heavier side - usually around 180grain for Reds. So, my question is…what...
  2. Sold: Musto Lambswool Men’s XL sweater

    For sale, one used, but in as new condition Musto lambswool forest green XL crew neck sweater. Has navy blue detailing at the cuffs and hem. No pulls/rips/repairs. £50 posted RM second class.
  3. Sold: Higgs of Fife Highlander Fleece Shirt XL

    For sale, one brand new with tags Higgs of Fife forest green XL fleece shirt. £28 posted RM second class.
  4. Sold: Z Aim Sling

    For sale. Never used outdoors. £26 posted RM 2nd Class.
  5. For Sale: UltraFire Lithium Battery Charger 3.7v

    UK triple pin plug for charging the popular 38550 batteries used in many high power shooting torches. £12 posted to UK RM 2nd class.
  6. Sold: Quake Claw Sling (Black)

    For sale as no longer used. It’s had little use having been bought as spare. The rubber is in great condition, all the buckles work/not damaged and the metal sling swivels are rust free having always been lightly oiled after use. A good quiet sling that doesn’t slip when using rifles with...
  7. Subaru Independent Specialist

    Just bought an Outback as the new shooting vehicle and was wondering if anyone on here can recommend a good independent specialist near Swindon? I am not into sticking bits from Halfords all over it or mapping it to 500 BHP, just accessing somebody who knows they’re way around them and won’t...
  8. Guide to locating and sexing deer foetus?

    Evening SD, I am currently working through my DDM Training Objectives and have to (at some stage as I continue to progress) locate and sex deer foetus. I can’t find any reference guide material in any of the following: DMQ DSC1 pre-read notes. Deer Intiative online PDF’s BDS website BASC...
  9. Sold: Primos Gen 2

    For sale: One used set of Primos Gen 2 Trigger Sticks. These are used. All the locks/trigger work. I have sprayed the legs with flat OD paint to dull the original finish. All legs deploy fully. One is slightly slower than the other two. £55 posted.
  10. 4 Stable Mountain Sticks - Any good?

    Afternoon, Looking for a bit of advice from people who have used/lived with 4 Stable Mountain Sticks. I’ve been a (mainly) happy user of Primos Gen 2’s since picking up a pair in 2015. Apart from the leg maintenance they’ve been good - but then I hadn’t used anything else. Just recently I’ve...
  11. Best Nightmaster 18650 Battery

    Morning Everyone I’ve just bought a Nightmaster NM800 on here (very pleased with it). Can any of you tell me what replacement re-chargeable batteries you use? Is it best to stick with the Nightmaster ones? thanks in advance. Koenig
  12. Sold: Fortis Green Cordura Belt

    For sale one Fortis/Country Covers Belt with pouches. Originally designed as a fishing belt these are great for stalking if you stalk on the move. Made of green cordura these are made really well. The pouches allowed me to carry the following. magazine headtorch and spare batteries Small...
  13. Laser Bore Sighter Cartridge

    Anyone use one of those laser zeroing cartridge things? The only ones I can find online are Chinese with very varied reviews. If any good, I wouldn’t mind paying more for something better.
  14. Sold: Whitewater US Army gloves XL

    For sale one pair of brand new without tags black US Army lightweight gloves. These are made by US firm Whitewater and sold to US troops as a lightweight glove. Having had several pairs in the past they are good for weapon handling. The palm is made of a tough but thin faux suede material and...
  15. For Sale: Butt Out

    One Hunter Specialities Butt Out anus remover. Used but, as new. These are only really suited to bigger deer, too large for Roe/CWD and Muntjac IMO. I have used this one on Reds and it does what it says. I am now on Roe and Muntjac primarily so no longer required. £12 posted RM 2nd.
  16. For Sale: Crane Fleece Neck Gaiter

    One tried on but never used Crane fleece green neck gaiter. This is part fleece part thinner material which has a map print pattern to it. warm and light. £4 posted RM 2nd.
  17. Sold: British Army PCS Fleece Shirt 190/110cm.

    One used but in great condition British Army Fleece PCS shirt. Army green. Size 190/110cm which means it’s for someone 190 tall with a 110cm chest. Deep chest zip and extended back eliminating ride up or cold spots. I am a 46”chest and this fits me about right. They are designed to be a...
  18. Best Game Shoot Liability Insurance:

    Morning everyone, I am looking to gain some input from those who run small game shoot. I am the president of a small game shoot that operates on MOD land. For as long as anyone can recall we have had public liability insurance in addition to individual BASC/CPSA insurance with Towergate...
  19. Portable High Seat Modification

    I’ve been using one of these for about 4 years, and found it to be OK on the whole. One niggle is that the rail that you rest your rifle on can be a bit wobbly. Lockdown provided the time to fiddle with the chair and some cut off bits of metal in a friends barn. After a lot of measuring and...
  20. Kidd Kit for Ruger 10/22

    Anybody know where I can buy one of the Kidd charger and charging handle kits For a Ruger 10/22 in the UK?
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