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  1. Fenn Traps Question

    Sure, but there is a case to start lobbying the government now that we are out of the EU. Please read up on how this situation arose
  2. Fenn Traps Question

    Fenn Mark4s are still 100% legal for weasels and squirrels - as confirmed by the Spring Traps Approval Order. It is only in the UK that they cannot be used (intentionally :)) on stoats. This is an anomaly that occurred because DEFRA messed up the negotiations regarding the AIHTS, Agreement on...
  3. Hair trigger

    We all have rifles we like because they have a favourite trigger pressure but here's am interesting example of how one can set a Fenn with a hair trigger..
  4. The UK Squirrel Season Is All But Upon Us

    Well, here's two less, courtesy of Fenn Mark4 trap. Got them (the traps that is) on a special from
  5. Rats in the loft...

    OK, but with a live trap you are obliged by law to kill it rather than release it. Simpler just to get a Fenn trap and get it all over quickly and cleanly
  6. The UK Squirrel Season Is All But Upon Us

    Yes, I agree , but only if BBQ'd over hickory. Catch them fresh with kit from trapbarn
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