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BRACES of Bristol - Dark Fox Package, Mauser M12, LIEMKE Thermal Scope, Wildcat Mod
  1. Sold: Neilsen Sonic -130gr - 7mm bullets

    For sale: 264 x 7mm 130gr Neilsen Sonic Hunt/Jagt bullets. Sold.
  2. Sold: .243 / 6mm bullets for sale

    .243/6mm Nosler Partition 95gr x 165 @ £85.00 inc P&P Sold! .243/6mm Sierra Pro-Hunter (#1540) 100gr x 174 @ £40.00 inc P&P Sold! Regards, Simon
  3. Sold: 6.5mm & 7mm Neilsen Sonic Brass Hunt/Jagt bullets

    Swap; 6.5mm swapped!! 264 x 7mm 130gr Neilsen Sonic Hunt/Jagt bullets. Swap for 50 Barnes TTSX 110gr 7mm Or cash equivalent. Regards, Simon
  4. Sold: RCBS Rockchucker II

    SOLD to Ben. Rockchucker II, in VGC; Comes with original threaded die holder and priming arm complete with both large and small primer inserts. I would like £150.00 inc of P&P with DPD (uninsured, if you want it insured it will be £175.00) Regards, Simon
  5. CNC inlet programme for a Sako 75 III action?

    Dear All, Does anyone know of a gunsmith or precision engineer who has a CNC programme to inlet a "flat top" carbon composite stock for a Sako 75 III action? Regards, Simon
  6. Sold: 6mm Barnes TTSX 80gr bullets

    As long as payment is arranged all are now sold, hopefully..... 200 Barnes TTSX 80gr bullets new in unopened boxes, 50 per box, 4 boxes. £40.00 per box inclusive of postage if all 200 are bought in 1 lot. Otherwise £42.50 per box. Simon
  7. Sold: Lee Precision Breech Lock Classic Cast Press + Bushings.

    As new; Lee Precision Breech Lock Classic Cast Press + 12 breech lock bushings. Comes with both small and large rifle priming inserts. £135.00 posted. (That's nearly £60.00 of bushings there too) S.
  8. Powder thrower for Reload Swiss 76?

    Dear all, While trying to charge some test loads using RS-76 I found that the powder bridged really badly in my Lee Perfect powder thrower. It meters every other powder brilliantly and is really accurate and repeatable, but not with RS-76. Without spending a fortune on an electronic powder...
  9. Sold: Arktis B211 Mountain Smock - Olive Green XXL

    As new and treated with Repel (thank you Diver Dave) I have worn this smock once for about an hour in town. It is as new, apart from the fact that I cut off the scrim in the hood. I have a 52" chest and broad shoulders and it fits me well with room for layering. Only selling as I find it too...
  10. Sold: Harris Model S-L Bipod 9-13 Inches (Swivel Base)

    Almost unused; Harris Model S-L Bipod 9-13 Inches (Swivel Base) £55.00 RMSD
  11. Sold: Swarovski 8x56 in good condition.

    Swarovski Habicht 8x56, good condition, no marks on lenses that I can see and only one tiny mark on the tube (see photo) £430 ono RMSD
  12. For Sale: Contessa Steel Picatinny Rail for Sako 75/85 Short (0 MOA) Scope Mount

    New in packaging, Completely unused Contessa Steel Picatinny Rail for Sako 75/85 Short, fits III action, (0 MOA) Scope Mount, can be seen on evilbay for £125.00 I would like £105.00 ono delivered by RMRP. Simon
  13. For Sale: Recknagel Picatinny Aluminium Rail for Sako 75/85, Short, Black anodised

    As new, with no packaging: Will Fit Sako 75 / 85 / MA05 / I / II / III / MA05 / XS / SM / S For full details see link below £100 plus postage normally, I would like £80.00 delivered by RMRP. Simon.
  14. FAC doctor's report fee?

    I have just been asked for £118.80 by my Dr's surgery for a letter on my fitness to hold an FAC. Can anyone beat this? Simon
  15. Reeve's High Seats still trading?

    A friend got in touch with me tonight asking if Reeve's were still trading. Their farcebook page is still up but the link to the shop no longer works. Does anyone know if they are still in business? Thanking you in advance, Simon.
  16. Black Friday Arktis deals!

    Black Friday deals on Arktis web site: An olive smock for £100.00 and waterproof liner for £40.00!! Simon
  17. Half price Harkila Ultimate trousers!

    John Norris sale on at the moment, Harkila Ultimate trousers are half price! I have nothing to do with the company, just a customer. Simon
  18. Scottish politicians.

    Under the guise of re-establishing the great Caledonian forest Scottish politicians have been waging war on those people who like to hunt and shoot. Making sporting estates pay business rates and enforcing massive culls of red deer has driven many of the families who traditionally made their...
  19. Muntjac hummel?

    Has anyone seen or read about hummels being found in the muntjac species of deer in the UK? Simon
  20. Interpupillary distance of binoculars?

    Does anyone know which good quality binoculars have the largest interpupillary distance? I ask as I have wide set eyes (minimum of 78mm) and find Swarovski and Leica too narrow, leaving me with a dark line in the middle of my field of vision. I would quite like a pair of range-finding bins...
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