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New Avon Arms
  1. E Bay and deleted sale items.

    A friend was advertising for sale a Fox head and neck skin on E Bay for taxidermy. These were from an old beast found dead on his farm. It was emaciated, showing poor tooth condition and appeared to have died from natural causes. It had attracted a starting bid but has been deleted by E Bay who...
  2. Coopers of Stortford.

    I received through the post a catalogue from this firm. At the top of the front page it states, `Traditional service, great value and fantastic ideas.` On page 90 a hearing amplifier is advertised at £14.99 plus postage. I ordered one of these by telephone on the 9th of January paying by card...
  3. Bagless,cordless super vacuum cleaner.

    I have recently purchased a Morphy Richards cordless, bagless vacuum cleaner Model 732000 from for about £74 carriage paid next day to my door. This is proving to be one of the most useful items I have ever bought. I think the price has risen by about a fiver since then but it is...
  4. Roe. Culls and curiosities.

    Of all the 6 species of deer the Roe-deer is the most variable in form. No other species has so many variables and deformities. Collecting them can be a rewarding life-time hobby. Below are a couple which I shot , one with a damaged pedicle and one broken whilst still growing in velvet. This...
  5. Deer poaching in Co.Wicklow, Ireland.

    Interesting ! Key onto GOOGLE ,` The Wicklow People, deer poaching`. HWH.
  6. Cumbria. Renewals and variations.

    Cumbria must be the `cream of the team` as my 2 for 2 variation has arrived this morning after being handed in to them 23 days ago. HWH.
  7. Federal .243 brass for sale.

    110 once-fired Federal .243 cases, £20 plus P&P £5. HWH.
  8. Border Stalkers autumn shoot. August 19th at Bowscar.

    This is the Bill Grant Memorial Shoot. Shooting format similar to DMQ and to be held at our usual venue at Bowscar, Cumbria. 10am start. FAC and Insurance please. The pool shoot will be running all day and an RFD will be present with an array of ingredients for the re-loader. Hopefully there...
  9. Death of George Clarke, Maryport. Veteran CPSA member.

    George Clarke was one of the early members of Penrith and District Gun Club which I formed in 1964. At the 100 bird Down-the-line shoot on June 10th he was first with 100 straight with only two second barrel shots and 298/300 points. He has had a heart condition for some years and passed away...
  10. Border Stalkers summer rifle shoot. Sunday June 17th.

    The Chris Batty Memorial Shoot. 10am start at our usual Bowscar, Cumbria venue. Pool shoot and main event as on previous days. FAC and insurance please. An RFD will be present with a wide range of ingredients for the re-loader. HWH.
  11. Roe Doe.

    Pic. for DSC1 ? HWH.
  12. Red Squirrel.

    One of my favourite animals. HWH.
  13. Wicklow billy.

    The old man. HWH.
  14. Red-deer hind.

    Youngster. HWH.
  15. Wicklow wild goats.

    Wild white goats of Co.Wicklow, Eire. HWH.
  16. Red Hind.

    Red hind. HWH.
  17. Red Squirrel.

    Not a Youngster as I had previously stated ! I am not an expert on Squirrels Fisheruk. HWH.
  18. Reds.

    Reds in the sun. HWH.
  19. Another Roe doe.

    Another. [ Without the caudal patch it would be relatively inconspicuous. ] HWH.
  20. Roe doe.

    Roe doe. HWH.
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