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Leica Amplus 6
  1. For Sale: Kwik Klip Magazine Conversion for Remington 700

    Apologies, yes - there is currently no plan to produce Kwik Klip for .223, but we are exploring some other options - watch this space!
  2. For Sale: Kwik Klip Magazine Conversion for Remington 700

    They can be ordered through any gun shop, just mention they come via Raytrade - Alternatively they are in stock and available to order online through several retailers including Spartan Refinishing, Rifle Mags UK, Uttings, Shooting Sports UK, Livens, and many more
  3. For Sale: Kwik Klip Magazine Conversion for Remington 700

    70mm is the internal length of the S/A mag
  4. Price of bullets and shotgun cartridges

    Raw material prices have been steadily increasing, transportation costs have gone up massively, there’s strong demand in the larger international markets... we’ve also not seen any price increases in quite a while.
  5. Price of bullets and shotgun cartridges

    Sorry Andy, missed this one - it would be normal to expect a 2-4% price increase each year. Though often nothing changes for years then there’s a sudden jump. We’re told there will be some significant pricing increases across the trade - it’s certainly the international murmurings. What they’ll...
  6. TTSX 110gr .277

    No that’s not true at all, if anything Barnes are expanding their line.
  7. Wanted: Left Hand Bolt Release Spring for a Remington 700?

    Almost certainly in stock. PM sent.
  8. TTSX 110gr .277

    We still have a lot of stock of most things, just sold out of a few key lines - but yes anything we’re out of will be here soon (bar some Covid effect or a zombie apocalypse)
  9. TTSX 110gr .277

    Sounds like a mistake on quantity per box - that’s exactly the SRP on 100 bullets. Worth a call if they have them. Otherwise ETA is 4 weeks
  10. TTSX 110gr .277

    Yes, TTSX hopefully in the next 4-6 weeks
  11. TTSX 110gr .277

    We have the 7mm (product 30296) but not the .277 - In .277 we have the TSX 110g .277 - just order them through your chosen shop and they’ll get to you 👍🏻
  12. Disappointing from Spartan

    Thanks Lateral we do our best - we hope everyone finds it to be a positive change in terms of being able to handle products in store, and find good supply 👍🏻
  13. Disappointing from Spartan

    Hi Lateral, it’s worth mentioning that in the US retail prices are advertised before sales tax - which runs between 15% and 25% depending on state. This is usually the discrepancy between US products - add sales tax, shipping, and import duty and prices are rarely much different. As...
  14. Disappointing from Spartan

    Retail prices have remained the same and they are all readily available through any gun shop - please let us know if you have any difficulties. This move is to support gun shops, and admirable given the obvious loss off profit that it means for Spartan - they obviously make much more money...
  15. For Sale: Kwik Klip Magazine Conversion for Remington 700

    The Kwik Klip is designed to drop straight into a standard Remington 700 stock - it’s unclear from Sunny Hills website whether all of their products are straight drop ins or not.
  16. Raytrade UK

    Long way off methinks mate 😞
  17. Raytrade UK

    Lol we’re all machines at Raytrade 💪🏻 There are several good rifle smiths out there - we have one appointed warranty agent though. We supply barrelled actions - barrels aren’t worthwhile for us as an importer as no one ever asks for them and it’s not much more to buy just a barrelled action...
  18. Raytrade UK

    There have been numerous owners of Remington Arms in the last 22 years - for some reason this one seems to have made all the papers 🤷🏼‍♂️ The factory being moved will mean a few delays in certain gun lines, but otherwise business as usual. We have pretty good stock in the warehouse, so I doubt...
  19. For Sale: Kwik Klip Magazine Conversion for Remington 700

    The HS Precision inlet is the same as the Kwik Klip, so you can remove the HS Bottom metal and Mag to replace it with a Kwik Klip Bottom metal and Mag. The HS Mags do not work with the Kwik Klip bottom metal though.
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